The predictions of the great astrologers on the upcoming 2017

Everyone interested in the future as his personal, and even for the world. Nature has given us so much interest and people are always trying to satisfy. Attempts to read the future did many prominent scientists, astrologers, fortune-tellers, the prophets. Some of this has been done, more or less successfully.

The credibility of any forecast depends in the same degree, and those who have made, and from the people involved in their decoding. After all, even the right things that are misunderstood, you will not bring any benefit.

Prediction Pavel Globa for 2017
Among the entire mass of the star-gazers, trying to see the events of the future, quite some attention has earned the predictions of Globa, sometimes quite accurately explaining what is happening. Let us consider in more detail what prophesied this man for our country and the rest of the world for 2017.

Russia, according to Globa, will gradually increase, and in 2017 will be the time she finally climbs out from under the mess of recent years and will rise on the world stage in full growth. First of all, the development and strengthening of Russia will be visible in its actions in the foreign policy field.

Unlike most countries, it will be on the path of fairness and strict adherence to the laws and regulations of a civilized society. This will lead to a sharp increase in the country's authority and its leadership, which would entail the desire of more countries to follow Russia.

For the rest of the world, particularly the West, globalization has produced a bitter pill – with the European Union are beginning to crumble and collapse, NATO, too, will become completely unstable and unreliable structure. Everywhere there will be chaos, the hype and the social shake-up.

The predictions of Nostradamus in 2017
Left 2017-the year without his attention and such authority in terms of predictions, like Nostradamus. This ingenious astrologer known for having predicted virtually all of the events of world history with very good accuracy. The difficulty of deciphering his texts makes understanding the future is quite inaccurate and confusing, but some patterns can still be seen.

As for Russia, Nostradamus mentions our country. Fortunately, in the words of the prophet, it will be one of the few relatively safe and happy places on Earth that will bypass all the new trouble. However it is quite possible that here will rush a lot of settlers.

But for the rest of the world predictions Nostradamus telling us that 2017 will be a time of cataclysms and upheavals. Two Muslim countries would unleash a bloody war that gradually escalates into a confrontation between Muslims and Christians.

Military and social problems to be complemented by more dismal weather conditions such as flooding of many areas located near the sea. Also happens to murder the heads of some of the countries that is given to more mess.

Here are the events prophesied to the people two great connoisseur: Globa and Nostradamus. Will come true if any of this or not, we will soon see themselves.


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