That hides the Gulf of Bothnia

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In June 2011 in the Gulf of Bothnia was found a strange object round in shape. Many people saw it as a flying saucer. The object diameter is 18 meters. To determine precisely what is found object, and failed, however, appear regularly in various details.

A team of professional divers "Ocean X" was sent to the place of discovery. Its members included Stephen, Hogeborn. According to him, when the team arrived at the location just above the object on the vehicle stopped working is not only cameras, but also satellite phones. As soon as the ship sailed at a distance of 200 meters from the place, all devices instantly resumed work. Returning to his former place, again decayed. The diver reported that the unknown object at the bottom of the Gulf of Bothnia stretches deep furrows. There is a theory that this alien ship, and the band at the bottom, not that other, as a result of a fall during the crash.

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But Charles Paull, research officer, sure that this unidentified object is of natural origin. He is sure that it is a piece of rock or plot of a Nude bottom as a result of the release of the gas.

In the years since the discovery of the subject, to fall to him directly, no one can. The divers of the team, "Ocean X" collected the submarine that takes them to the alleged "flying saucer". They hope to reach many other finds, discovered in the Gulf of Bothnia. These discoveries of sunken ships. Scientists believe that these ships on the bottom about 100 thousand.published 



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