Chronic sofa: it Will hurt.Nothing personal, as they say

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"Many problems are treated by a simple lifting of your ass off the couch". Don't know who said it, but we like it. Today we will briefly look at why we lie on the couch and do nothing, but so much of what I want. Would be a shame. Nothing personal, as they say.

This picture carries a double or even triple meaning, except that she of the cool movie "the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy": it is about the wonderful feelings that we experienced when trying to relax and come to myself lying on the couch + this picture our team reports "heartfelt greetings", that is just podtraivaet Alexander Mikhailovich Orlov, managing partner which over many years of working together so this movie isn't watched!

Let's do a simple exerciseTake any leaf or open a blank file and write for 5-6 minutes (important, don't abbreviate it) a list of your goals, desires, wishes, what is important for you to obtain or achieve in this life. That's just all that comes to mind. House, apartment, car, vacation in the Canary Islands, angelina Jolie / brad pitt (here your choice): a comma. If on 2-3 minute ideas hotelok over, do not go to drink tea, let the head of half a minute, the brain is "silent" is not able, he'll give you a new wishlist. Perform 5-6 minutes. Drove!

If you honestly completed this exercise requires remarkable concentration and perseverance, now you have to lie such an interesting leaf. Establish a simple priority system.

Next to each wishlist write the answer to the question "What will I do today or tomorrow?"and if your real calendar today or tomorrow, nothing concrete (buy a book on marketing, get up at 6 am and going for a run around the house) to achieve this item, put a "—". Honestly. The blade does not need to take.

Turn out? Let us explain why we did itTo the question "How can we understand what's important to you", I remembered a very simple answer coach Vladimir Gerasicheva:
— If something is important, you do something to get it. But if you don't do and there is a beautiful story why you do not, you can have it for whatever reason, are simply not important.

A simple example from our practice— I want to be a Manager of a large international project: team, travel, salary, tickets in business class status.
— What should I do?
— First of all: English on upper-intermediate level and I have pre-intermediate.
— Nicely. What are you already doing?
— Nothing yet, swamped!
— What will do tomorrow?
— No, tomorrow I have a release, then you have to twist the changes to the reporting process, then the may holidays, and then to take statements, then leave, but by the fall…
OK. So for you now it is for some reason not important.

Here, many or honestly and openly laughing over a or "stand on its hind legs»:
— I'm swamped! I have a job... you don't understand! Easy to say when I have time…

Fifty eight million one hundred forty two thousand five hundred sixty five

"I'm busy with more important tasks" — a very fashionable, glamorous excuse. Sometimes this story becomes part of the building.culture: we are a very innovative company (we do 1001 CMS on the market!), processes change so often that they simply have no time analizirovat and optimize (mess), and we are all so involved in the solution of global challenges in the changing landscape of the market of CMS systems that work weekends (mess) and burn the idea!

And then we come to learn that people in a state of chronic fatigue. But more on that below.

Yes, one corporate mail cover years: am — dived and in the evening you can not come up. Conveniently. And always have a concrete excuse: I don't have time…

No time to learn, no time to wash the car, no time to walk with the kids, no time to meet 1:1. Yes, I crawl home, barely, and fall on the couch.

And if you ask the "man couch" if he liked his job, the answer in 90% of cases: no. Bored. Tasks interesting there. You just have to "twist his nut" or "live from Abraham to Abraham."

What happens?Boring and no forces have to crawl and lie down on the sofa on the sofa nothing interesting happens — boring and therefore have no power to change anything, and the couch soft

"Chronic couch", it turns out? That is, excuse me, chronic fatigue?
Feel the sofa from time to time?

A very unpleasant fact for "people-sofas»:
In the annual programme of the School managers StratPlan is now studying more than 600 students. According to our "devices", at the time of entering the program 60% of students had accumulated a huge fatigue and dissatisfaction with the current state of Affairs. But for them, for completely different reasons, it was important to change that. And they just raised his ass and came to learn.

And you sit on your couch and more!Now if you go back to your leaf hotelok and you will see a large number of "—" in front of important things for you (you yourself have made the list, remember?) it turns out that you choose for yourself the model "work the sofa" instead of what really matters to you.

And now again, and literally by word with pauses:

You know what's important to you and what you want, but don't do it, and sit on the couch, because the strength and you spent it on something that is not important for you.

So maybe it's not a "dead Horse", but my head we have closed in the wrong place? The sofa was crushed... So? published 


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©



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