How to get rid of spider veins in 10 days

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Spider veins – one of the most common problems of modern women. This expansion of subcutaneous blood vessels. They mostly appear on the legs and face. At least on the back, neck, arms. The causes of spider veins can be both internal and external.

They can appear due to a genetic predisposition; hormonal failure. As a result of hormonal failure relax the walls of blood vessels. Internal factors can become disrupted blood clotting and impaired venous outflow.

To accelerate the emergence of can external skin exposure – frostbite, excessive Solarium, steam room, surgery, deep peeling of the skin, the use of hormones, excessive use of alcohol and nicotine.

Spider veins can be arterial, capillary or venous. And separated into linear, tree, spiders and dot.

Today, there are many ways for treatment and disposal. In detail they were discussed in the article Vascular mesh on the legs. But we will try with you a proven, popular way and save some money.Once I also had spider veins on the face and thighs. Now they are not. And helped me two folk recipe, which I learned from a chance acquaintance. These folk remedies are very simple and quite effective.

1. Buy green tomato, cut it and cut attach to the skin on the face or other problematic area. Only the tomatoes must be green. Red doesn't suit us, as they contain acid that has a therapeutic effect.

These packs are blend for 2-3 minutes after you remove and grease the treated area moisturizer that would not accidentally burns from acid, which is contained in green tomatoes. The people's course of treatment is 10 days. Can be a little more wouldn't hurt.

2. Three times a day lubricate sore spot with Apple cider vinegar, not more than four weeks. By the end of the fourth week, and possibly before, the veins will go back.

I tried both methods. And the first and the second efficiency are virtually identical. But still, on the face, I recommend to do a compress of green tomatoes because the vinegar tends to dry the skin. And feet and other affected areas of the body, before going to sleep, wipe Apple cider vinegar. published 


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