5 exercises develop creativity

One spark, accidentally or not flashed in the darkness, could ignite heavy fire. Yes, under the spark I mean creativity. It is the ability to think outside the box, which allows using a pencil and piece of paper to create concept, or to invent a slogan.


So, who among us wouldn't want to be creative? Right – one. But how to do it don't know everything. Here are 5 exercises that will help to develop creative abilities. 1. Two accidents Take the dictionary and randomly select two random concepts. Just poke your finger in any page. Compare them, try to find between something in common. Come up with a crazy story and which place the relationship. This exercise well trains the brain. 2. Mad geneticist Take a clean sheet of paper and a pen. Very good if you can't draw, because the beauty and the result is not important here. Most importantly, as I said above – process. And now draw something, which combines as many signs known to you all animals. You will, for example, Fox from fish scales, or long-necked hare with hooves. The purpose of the exercise is to kill any rudiments of logic and common sense, with an emphasis on creativity. 3. The mad architect From the animals go to architecture, let's draw a house. But before you begin this lesson, select any 10 words. Imagine that you, as the architect ordered the project at home. But the customer put 10 mandatory requirements. This is the selected word. Here can be anything. For example, "orange" and the roof of your house should be orange, dish — make a round window in the bathroom, etc. when Drawing on paper, at the same time imagine how it would look in real life. 4. 10+10 Select any word, it must be a noun. Now write 5 adjectives that, in your opinion, is best suited to him. For example, "socks" — black, warm, wool, winter, net. Did? Now try to write another 5 adjectives that do not fit. Here, and then it all stalled. It turns out that it is very difficult. To delve into the various spheres of perception and find the same right words. 5. The name of Try every time some thing wondering to come up with his name. Can be short and biting, or long and detailed. The aim of the exercise – the name should you like it.published by P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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