Invented light bulb that burns for 37 years in a row

The son of the famous inventor, invented a lamp that can Shine for a few decades. While it does not tarnish and has an original design.
The author's unique invention – Jake Dyson, son of the founder of the British company Dyson. Table lamp CSYS is available in three different forms.A device uses the heat pipe which conducts heat away from LEDs. Due to this, the light does not dim and remains equally bright for many years.

Work on innovative lamp began in 2006. The inventor just surprised how little serve of led lamps, although originally they were conceived as eternal. And the problem was the heat, which is not protected lamp. And the temperature sometimes reaches 130 degrees, which damages the phosphate coating and the light dims.
The CSYS lamp, the heat tube temperature was reduced to 55 degrees, and as a result, the lamp enough for almost 4 decades. LEDs are hidden in conical flasks, which evenly distribute light, which also increases their effectiveness.

CSYS uses a system of pulleys and gravity for stability, and the brightness can be adjusted using the touch sensors. The price is almost the eternal lamp – 610-916 dollars depending on its shape. published by P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©




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