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Svetlana Metkina

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March 15 screens out thriller Igor Shavlak "lineman" - the first Russian film, which is sponsored by COLUMBIA PICTuRES. it plays Svetlana Metkina - the first Russian actress, untwist in Hollywood. how she did it - find out sim.

In 1993, at the traditional ball of the press in the Kremlin Palace of an unknown student of the Shchukin School 18-year-old Svetlana Metkina met Michel Litvak - billionaire Russian origin, now a citizen of Belgium. Michel was 42 years old ... It ended with the wedding, the birth of two children, and hit Metkina to the desired party.

Litvak successfully developed business in Russia. Founded the company "Russian World", it became the chairman of the Board of Directors. The company soon became Russia's largest private carrier oil cargo by rail. To excess profits of the enterprise is not swam away, deputy director general was appointed Alexander Metkin father Svetlana. Then the "Russian world" acquired company "Tamanneftegas" general director Alexander also became Metkin. And Michel Litvak was appointed member of the Board of Directors. And now the family Metkina - Litvak invests in construction of the terminal in the port of Iron Horn (Krasnodar region), designed for handling up to 10 million tons of oil products.

Russian capital of alternative investments offer men Svetlana Hollywood. She wanted to make a career as an actress! And now 6 years old billionaire husband agrees to finance any film project, where Svetlana is at least a small place. Hollywood directors happy to introduce a pattern supporting roles that are written specifically for Metkina. Rather, under the money Litvak.

The first American film with Svetlana - "Shot of a slingshot" - not a commercial success. In the next film produced by Litvak - "The Minnie is the first time" - starring Alec Baldwin, which provided good picture collections. Light played there Russian wife of one of the heroes. And here is another breakthrough in his career - in the film Emilio Estevez 'Bobby' on the last day of the life of Robert Kennedy. By the way, without the help of her husband, Svetlana "Bobby" did not came out - the director could not find financial support for film project. As he argues, the sentence "role in exchange for investments" came from Michel Litvak. Shook hands, and Estevez approved Metkina the role of Samantha - one of the sponsors of the campaign of Robert Kennedy. But it turned out that Metkina not well says in English, so the role of Samantha walked the Hollywood film star Helen Hunt. In order not to lose investors, Emilio Estevez invented specifically for the role of a Czech journalist Svetlana. Later, the director commented Metkina work: "I think it is well blended into the project. Could be much worse. "

In "Bobby" starred half of Hollywood - Anthony Hopkins, Sharon Stone, Demi Moore, Christian Slater, Lindsay Lohan. In addition, the film was nominated for the "Golden Globe" as the best film of the year. To shine in this movie for Metkina - then get a "gold label": a pass to Hollywood firmament. So that the money invested is not in vain!

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Svetlana Metkina, known in the West as Lana Litvak, was born in 1975 in Moscow. Schoolgirl began playing at the Theatre of young Muscovites. In 1992 he entered the acting department Shchukin School. The first American film with its participation - "Shot of a slingshot" - was released in 2001. Then there were the "Barbarian", "second front", "The Minnie is the first time" and "Bobby", where Metkina lit up in the company of Anthony Hopkins, Sharon Stone and Demi Moore.

Married to a billionaire Michel Litvak. Has two children - 11-year-old Sasha and 8-year-old Pauline.


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