Chickweed is not just a weed, but a storehouse of nutrients

Chickweed, Stellaria, chickweed (Stellaria media).This plant belongs to the family Caryophyllaceae. The strands in her small, creeping with a thickening at the nodes. The leaves are small, oval-acuminate. The flowers are inconspicuous, white, like little stars. Chickweed moisture-loving, grows in woods near streams, in shady places, but more common in the gardens and fields. It is considered a malignant weed. Grows from early spring to late autumn. In southern areas, in the absence of frost, may be green all year round.

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Chickweed is edible, it is eaten raw and cooked, although a special taste in it. It is best to add the wood louse in salad. In the UK the leaves and twigs of woodlice often adorn salads and sandwiches.

Useful properties of woodlice

Chickweed – a real storehouse of nutrients. For example, it contains vitamins many groups, organic acids, saponins, tannins, wax, essential oils and lipids. In Mokrice contains minerals such as magnesium, iron, copper. Chickweed has soothing, emollient, diuretic and expectorant properties. The woodlouse is used as a means of stopping the blood. In addition, chickweed has choleretic and antiseptic action. Chickweed restores the nervous system, lowers blood pressure if it is elevated. Chickweed has a positive effect on heart function. This plant is a tonic that strengthens the entire human body.

It helps with gastro-intestinal diseases, inflammation of internal organs, diseases of the lungs, pleurisy, coughs, colds. To preserve it for winter use method of salting is like parsley, dill, etc.

Juice is a healing agent. Lotions from broth woodlice used to treat acne rashes, ulcers, boils.

Chickweed is used in folk medicine in diseases of the heart, its called heart of grass.

Its juice helps with kidney disease or the liver, hemorrhoids and even thyroid disease. In the juice of woodlice contains vitamin E and it is responsible for the rejuvenation of the body, cleansing blood vessels and improving blood. As well as vitamin E rids the body of all harmful substances.published 


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