Pheromones: How it works

They say that men love with their ears, and women eyes. It's not true. Initially they like noses. Back in the mid-1980s, scientists have proven that our bodies produce pheromones — chemical compounds that directly affect sexuality.
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That there are biochemical signals that scientists knew for a long time, but only in 1961, Adolf Butenandt, who majored in chemistry, hormones, identified from the glands of females of the silkworm sex attractant – bombykol. It was also discovered that the characteristic behavioural response in males of the silkworm occurs even at extremely low concentrations of this substance, within 3 000 molecules per 1 ml of air.

In fact, this explains the incredible complexity of identification of pheromones, but with the introduction of chromatographic methods of gas analysis has dramatically increased the productivity of scientific research in this area.

The chemosignals Further studies showed that the pheromones are of two types: reiseri and primers. Relizer represent unambiguous biological markers that are used by females, for example, solely to attract mates.

As for primers, they are more complex in nature. In particular, honeybees have fifteen known glands that produce substances of complex combinations.

The Queen bee emits the so-called Royal mandibular pheromone, which contained carboxylic acids and aromatic compounds.

These chemosignals inhibits maturation of other bees-females and even directs them to work. "Besides, in nature there are other pheromones that mark the path, for example in ants, says biologist Mike Segal, or activate the alarm. In fact, it is a special language for biochemical communication, which allows the insects to live in complex colonies."

For man For a long time it was believed that pheromones secrete only animals, but man they are useless. At least because the necessary utilities are provided by the fellowship. However, on 18 November 1986, the Washington Post published a sensation – "Scientists of Philadelphia first established that the human body produces pheromones, special aromatic chemical compounds-that affect the sexual physiology of another person".

The very next day the American national newspaper USA Today has published an article "Current chemical revolution between the sexes," in which Dr. Winnifred B. Cutler, responding to a reporter's question, said: "the Odors of men are of great importance to women's health. I recommended that women with unusually long or short menstrual cycles to go to the men's locker room smell".

According to the scientist, after three months saw a stabilization of the average cycle at the level of 29.5 days. The fact that male axillary glands secrete at least one pheromone that affects the reproductive health of women.

Scent of a woman Soon, scientists found that female pheromones influence the behavior of men with a more pronounced effect. It has been suggested that the so-called vibes are biochemical in nature.

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Is a woman, in a strong emotional state called love, is able to send extremely powerful chemosignals any man and at the same time to suppress the desire of other competing girlfriends.

"Human pheromones attract sex partners just as it happens in the animal world, — said Dr. Winnifred B. Cutler, — these chemosignals are very effective in the relations between the sexes. At the same time, new research... shows that women are also suffering from the pheromones of other men and women minded toward them negatively".

In addition, thanks to pheromones intuitively one can even imagine what it looks like partner. It is believed that without the influence of these publications in 1992 he released a film directed by Martin Brest, Scent of a woman.

Perfume with pheromones Pheromones identifitseerida vomeronasal organ located in the nose, which is sometimes called the body of Jacobs. Next, the resulting chemosignal is processed by the brain, which determines the behavioral response of a person. So or approximately so start articles on these substances in perfume.

"Buying a perfume with pheromones in a few hours to change your life, says Yolanda Petersen from Washington, once I spray their wrists and instantly felt the sharp interest of the men to my person".

In reality, the so-called "sexy" perfumes are no human pheromones, but present in abundance androstenone obtained from the glands of pigs.

Moreover, studies show that human pheromones are trapped by the partner at a distance of not more than one meter and live about five hours, in rare cases, the day. That is why professional biologists with a certain degree of skepticism about such perfumes, but for pest control in agriculture is successfully used biological sex markers are insects, though, because they have more simple formulas. published 

Author: Alexander Sitnikov P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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