Good home guard

The author of these photos said: Priexali otdoxnut the village and were surprised to find that our barn completely free oxranyayut ...
So much so that by the oxranyuyat scary approach ...
Continued under the cut ...

Questionnaire as clean when to come Be scared animal -Each of 3-4cm, and the sound comes from both Boeing

It hornets. From wikipedia- Hornets (lat. Vespa) - kind of the most important representatives of the so-called social wasps. The largest members of the genus have sizes up to 55 mm in length (Vespa mandarinia).
Hornets, wasps like many public can mobilize the whole nest and sting the enemy for their own protection: it is very dangerous for humans! For alarm Hornets used a so-called alarm pheromone, the latter can be used as an attack on its own nest, and to identify the production, such as bees. It is undesirable to kill the hornets nest near as distress can raise a nest for an attack on her abuser. Any matter coming into contact with the pheromone, including clothes, skin, dead prey or hornets, should be eliminated from neposredstsvennoy vicinity of the nest of hornets. Perfumes and other legkoisparimye chemicals may be falsely perceived as a pheromone hornets, and the immediate cause for the attack.



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