Stray mongrel goes into the dining room on the tram.

This dog knows all passengers tram routes in Yekaterinburg, following one of the main streets of the city.

Pawl sits on the same and is stopped at a certain place. And certainly mongrel climbs onto the seat, said beneath his dignity to ride standing up.
Conductress only shrugs dog- "Bunny" has become commonplace.
 - Today, it is out of place - says an elderly man retirement age. - It usually sits on the edges, so as not to disturb anyone. Chooses such a time that the cabin was not enough people to her could not drive away from the scene. Deliberately chooses double trams that were always empty seats. Never ride at rush hour, understands that it is required to be driven on the crowd.
The dog, by the way, he immediately realized that we are talking about it, wary cheerleader ears, but the head did not look up. Our guide, a retired continued:
 - There goes strictly by the same route. Kuibyshev Street out of the car and go to the dining hall of the university. There apparently fed her. And then in the evening, before the rush hour, returns the reverse route. Passengers do not touch it, the conductor does not expel, because the animal is behaving very delicately. Well, people respectively. No one dares to disturb the passenger four-footed.

Competent opinion
Veterinarian Lyudmila Beloglazova:
 - That the behavior of the dog, says that she was born and grew up among the people. The animal is just trying to recreate a situation in which it dropped or lost master. This apparently happened at the bus stop. The owner had left her, and sat down on the tram and
left. So she looks in the tram or bus stops. And riding the routes that were comfortable. Maybe it there a couple of times to fertilize, and here she liked the tram.
In general, the consciousness of all these lonely stray dogs at about child 5 - 6 years. They passed the so-called period of socialization. Increased among people who trust them adjust to their behavior, copying it.


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