What you need to do 30, so it was not painful and hurt 50

20 things to start doing to change my life for the better.Most people, when you get to 50, sorry about that spent the last 20 years of his life is not the best way. That's what the mistakes of the youth they talk on the popular service of questions and answers Quora.

Perhaps the opinion of these strangers, will make you change your views on what you spend your life.

1. Do not smoke. If started, stop.Ninety million ninety nine thousand three hundred ninety six

"If you can read my words now, I beg you, I beg you on my knees, quit Smoking! writes Quora user Cyndi Perlman Fink. And explains: Smoking is expensive, to live life with a disgusting odor that never leaves you, and to be 100% sure that sooner or later it will cause health problems. Want to have a 50% chance to give yourself cancer? Stop Smoking.

2. Stop eating the crap.Ninety five million four hundred thirty four thousand forty four

"You can earn a lot of money. Chances are in 20, 30, 40, 50, and even 70," writes Quora user, Sirisha Chilakamarri. "But you can't buy them their health. Abstain from fast food at the age of 30 years."

3. Maintain (or repair) your relationship with your parents, brothers and sisters.Twenty one million five hundred two thousand one hundred twenty six

"You realize that your relationships have something wrong when you can't talk with them openly eye to eye on some personal topics. But no one better than your family does not know who you are and what you really need. You may not agree with this in 30, but realize that was not right somewhere in the 40.

I come from a very difficult family. If you know what I mean, we hate each other. I'm sure in most other families it's different. I'm also sure that if I had put more effort, then my life would be a lot more people who understand me and support me". Robert Walker.

4. Stop going out in the sun without sunscreen.Eighty million five hundred eighty nine thousand three hundred twenty three

"I was so stupid. No one was listening. If you want your skin was covered with wrinkles 15 years earlier than everyone else continue to lie under the scorching sun during the holidays the whole day. Without the cream. Your skin is not flaky? So what! Soon you'll understand". Cyndi Perlman Fink.

6. Exercise regularly.

If you start to lead an active way of life right now, you will remain cheerful and happy in 50 years. Watch your weight. Exercise.

"In different periods of my life I was skinny, then fat, then fat. Hood people healthier," continues Cindy.

6. Start saving money. Even if it is a trifle.Ninety six million seven hundred seven thousand seven hundred thirty

"I know that this Board is very boring, banal and asexual, writes cliff, Jilly. "When I was 30, I wasn't thinking about money. I had enough, I don't put it off and was sure that it always will be. But the time will come, and you have to solve the fundamental issues: housing, education of children, passive income that was on what to live in old age. If you learn to save in his youth, you will have a very useful habit. The habit of collecting money and not to borrow".

7. Learn to be content with what you already have.Seventy million nine hundred ninety six thousand two hundred eighty three

"Happiness is here and now has much bolshee important than worldly success," writes Robert Walker. — "If you're happy with what you have, you are unlikely to become a millionaire but live a happy life. You might be rich "along the way", but it will lead the lifestyle you've always dreamed of."

8. Don't delay your life goals.Seventy four million three hundred fifty eight thousand six hundred fifteen

"Do you want to buy a house? Have kids? Write a book? To get a second degree or PhD? Change your career? To open your own business? To learn to play a new musical instrument? Learn to cook a gourmet meal? To try scuba diving? To run for political office? Then start today," writes bill Carwin.

"Forget about the words: "I'll do it later". — he recommends. — The truth is that time is accelerating, especially quickly after your 30 years. And the older you are, the faster it will fly. If you don't start now, you simply will not have time to realize their dreams."

9. Learn how to sleepEighty two million six hundred seventy three thousand four hundred seventy two

"Use the same system of sleep hygiene, and movie star, and will look just as they are," writes Nan Waldman.

She advises: the room must be totally dark to sleep you should not look for a single bright screen. Go to sleep and Wake up every day at the same time.

10. Take care of your teethSixty three million five hundred fifty three thousand seventy four

"Go, finally, this fucking dentist, writes Caroline Zielonka. — Use dental floss. Unlike other health problems of the body, this is not correct. The destruction of the teeth can only slow, not reverse. Crowns dental implants are uncomfortable, it is expensive and hard. Brush your teeth twice a day with toothpaste without fluoride. You can not even imagine how important this is".

11. Collect memories, not things.Thirty eight million seven hundred fifty seven thousand five hundred thirty

You — the sum of your experience. When you will be 50 years old, you will understand that absolutely nothing soared on the property. Memories, unlike things, are not impaired. They are not hurt in the fire. Them no you will never take away.

12. Give the world something valuable.Seventeen million eight hundred nineteen thousand eight hundred sixty five

"Make something that would fit under the definition of "Ministry, writes Nan Waldman. — Find something that you will do with a full heart, all your soul and with maximum effort. Not expecting anything in return.“

13. Be curious. Every day do something that scares you.Five million five hundred forty one thousand nine hundred twenty

"Looking for adventure every time you leave the house. Go to the risk so great from where you then will be able to get out. Embark on a journey where you can bring a lot of interesting photos. Get rid of his caution, take a risk to live. If you can, make a parachute jump. I promise, when you're wheezing old man, you'll always smile remembering about these events." Mary Leake.

14. Read at least 10 books a year.Fifty six million four hundred ninety one thousand five hundred eighty nine

"When I was young, I too spent lots of time on TV. Now young people too much time to devote to games. But you have to remember that your brain never stops changing. If you don't read long texts, you don't grow and develop. It is an axiom". Vinita Muthukumar.

15. Drove to travel as many times as you can afford.Seventy nine million three hundred ninety two thousand nine hundred thirty

"Every journey changes people. This is the best way to understand who you are and what is really important, writes Jeff Goines. — Many will not go because of fear. But if you don't decide it's very cool to change that part of your life, then live in fear the rest of my life. Too much fear, too little life."

16. Learn how to pray .Seventy four million eight hundred sixty three thousand two hundred eighty six

"The list of benefits of prayer are endless. To do it, you have very little time. And the changes which it carries in itself will be huge and amazing," says RENs De Nobel.

"All scientific studies conducted over the past ten years confirm this."

17. Stop comparing yourself with others.Sixty five million two hundred fifty nine thousand one hundred thirty seven

"Believe me, when your body will begin to show signs of wear and tear, you will not find any fun at parties or to impress other people. You should start your journey of self-discovery right now, and not when you turn 40 or 50". Satish Kumar, Grandhi.

18. Keep a diarySeventy four million one hundred twenty seven thousand nine hundred sixty one

"If you are going to record the most exciting moments in your life, then just forget most of them, writes mark Crowley. — Your reports will be important, very exciting to read in ten years. Keep it on your computer and reinforce photos. Your parents never had that opportunity, and you have it. Then many times you'll say to yourself, thank you."

19. Become a homeownerSixty three million thirty two thousand four hundred thirty six

"Buy a house or apartment. This is the most reasonable of the available ways to spend money. Otherwise you will, like me, to solve this problem in 50". Liz Reid.

20. Make sure that you had friendsSeventy five million nine hundred twenty two thousand nine hundred eighty four

"Find people whom you perceive as the best version of yourself. Those who challenges you by example. Those with whom you truly like to communicate — writes Nan Waldman. — Learn from them. Laugh with them. Don't be afraid to seem stupid. Enjoy life with him. Meet friends at least once a week to be aware of how and what they live."


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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