What is a "dry" watering?

Experienced vacationers not just have to make sure the efficiency of "dry" watering. Correctly applying this technique on the dacha, a summer cottage completely do without irrigation. Even in a drought. While gardeners get good crops all vegetable crops and potatoes.

We know that in nature there is the water cycle, the water fell to the earth in the form of snow and rain absorbed into the soil, then evaporates, gathers in clouds, and falls again to the ground. Four days later, the soil again becomes dry moisture has evaporated.

Is it possible to stop this process? Scientists give an unambiguous answer: it is possible! Need only destroy the soil capillary – evaporation turn. But totally to destroy them, we cannot prevent the complete evaporation too.

And if you loosen the soil at four inches, the top layer dries quickly and dramatically reduced leakage of moisture. After all, a good loosening of the soil equally good in the rain.

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

Source: vk.com/my_dacha?w=wall-56584579_75734


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