The technology of soldering or a sober look at Russian drunkenness

After seeing this film you will learn the answers to such questions as:

Drinking in moderation is harmless?

— Why alcohol warms in the cold?

— What is intoxication?

— What is the main difference of alcohol from drug?

— Whether the alcohol destroys the brain?

— As alcohol relieves stress?

— Why you can drink is only 18 years old?

— Why in the Caucasus drink a lot of wine and live for 100 years?

— Why red wine prolongs life and saves from cardiovascular disease?

— Why cultural drinkers live longer than abstainers?

Demyanova ear. / Popov, Andrei Andreyevich(1832-1896).

"In the early 20th century [...] 95% of young people under the age of 18 years, 90% of women and 47% of men in Russia do not drink alcohol.

In 50-e years Russia remained one of the most sober countries in Europe. A single Soviet people in the calculation of pure alcohol drank less than 1 Brit 3 times, less than 1 American in 7 times and less than 1 French 10 times.

Economists estimate direct and indirect losses from the effects of alcohol abuse exceeded revenues at least 3 times.

17 may 1985 in all the national publications, on TV and radio it was announced the Decision of the Central Committee "On measures to overcome drunkenness and alcoholism. [...] Deaths from alcohol poisoning declined by 56%, mortality from accidents and violence at 36%, the number of suicides decreased by 41%. Anti-alcohol regulations could prevent more than half a million deaths. This period was an unprecedented surge in the birth rate: from 85 th to 88-th year in the country was born one and a half million more children than in previous years. This is an absolute record for a 30-year period."

From the shortcomings of the film, a catastrophic shortage of references to sources of information.

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