Top 5 sports nutrition products

First of all, will make 2 important remarks:

1. Sports nutrition has nothing to do with anabolic steroids (except that sometimes both are in one bag bodybuilder), it is the same food as the one in your fridge, but has more advantages.

2. Buy sports nutrition begins with the purchase of conventional products. If Your diet is handled correctly, to bet on sports nutrition no special meaning.

So, present You with the right sports nutrition for muscle mass in order of need:

1. Vitamin-mineral complex. First, where should begin Your set, this is VMK. If the protein we can get from food, high protein and low carbohydrate food is not rich in vitamins, and the lack of vitamins and minerals stagnation of results, lack of energy, painful appearance and all the consequences. And when you consider that the athletes consumed 2-3 times more vitamins and minerals compared to the common man, the need for VMK is in the first place.

The Vitamin-mineral complex. Vitamins, drink for Breakfast, do not exceed the doses specified by the manufacturer.Generally, they need to drink for everyone, but in order to avoid failure of the body from the vitamins from food, you can drink them cycles 2 months after 1.

2. Creatine monohydrate. Second in the list of relevance is the creatine. This is the most effective drug in the list of sports nutrition, from the standpoint of increasing lean muscle mass. The best form is creatine monohydrate, all other forms are not more than a marketing ploy. Creatine increases muscle strength, endurance, and in consequence of and muscle mass. It retains water in the muscles, thereby increasing the volume and fullness of the muscles.

Intake of creatine. Despite many articles about the "loading phase" with creatine, this is nothing more than a move of manufacturers to increase sales. The best option is taking creatine at 5g a day on an empty stomach (right after waking and after a workout) mixed in grape juice or water with a couple tablespoons of sugar. You can drink it courses 2 months then a month of rest, avoid the emergence of tolerance of the body to creatine.

Note that when taking creatine it is important to drink plenty of water, at least 2-3l per day. Do not combine taking creatine with caffeine and caffeinated products.

3. Protein. Protein is a chief building block of muscle. Without it is impossible a single step shift in the recruitment of muscle mass. Multiplying your weight by 2.5-3 we will receive the daily norm of protein needed for muscle growth. To get this amount you need to eat 5-7 times a day. What to do if employment does not work to eat so often? Comes to help protein shake taken with you. One serving(40g) contains about 30g of protein, that is a single rate of absorption of protein.

What protein to drink and when? There are 2 most effective types of protein: whey and casein. The first has instant absorption speed, the second is up to 7 hours. Whey protein is very effective immediately after sleep, or immediately after a workout, that is, in the moments of greatest exhaustion of the body. Casein comes to the rescue when we know that food we will see soon, for example before bedtime and before exercise. All those hours casein is slowly digested, gradually "feeding" the body with amino acids.

The protein intake. Thus, we see a diagram of the protein intake is this: After a dream – serving(40g) of whey protein, pre-workout – serving(40g) casein after workout – serving(40g) of whey, before bed – serving(40g) casein.

4. BCAAis a complex of three most important amino acids necessary for protecting the muscles from catabolism(muscle breakdown) and activation of anabolism. They are not synthesized by the body, so they can only get from supplements. Positive effects BCAA weight: increased muscle mass, and increase strength and protection of muscles from damage, and reduction of body fat.

BCAA supplementation. The most useful time BCAA intake and training period. Before, during and after exercise at 5-10g will protect Your muscles and prostimulirujte them to recovery and further growth.

5. Omega-3(Fish oil). It is a complex of polyunsaturated fats, which are very important for maintaining total body health, and for muscle growth and fat burning. Studies have confirmed that fish oil promotes muscle protein synthesis and increases the muscle cells themselves.

Omega-3. The norm of consumption of fish oil – 3G a day divided into 3 doses. The breaks in reception are not required. published

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