What to do if bitten by a bee or wasp

Bees, wasps, bumblebees, hornets sting more often in July and August. The venom of these representatives of insects has diverse effects on the body and definitely toxic. Therefore, assistance measures when they bite it is necessary to take without delay, and after the elimination of acute reaction is necessary to see a doctor, as it can sometimes develop complications.

For those who have no allergies

If stung by a bee, carefully, lightly clean the needle remove the sting. On the bite put cotton wool moistened with liquid ammonia, diluted with water (1:5), or weak, slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate or water with salt (teaspoon per Cup).

If swelling and redness are kept 1-2 days, and even worse, it is necessary to consult a doctor. There is a possibility of entry into a wound of an infection, especially if stung by a wasp or hornet – insect scavengers.

For Allergy sufferers

It is necessary to have a fast-acting insecticides in aerosol form. They can be used indoors, and to take with you to the garden, in the woods, in the field of insect repellents. For a country walk it is better to have clothes made of light fabric that minimizes the neck, arms and legs. Bright and dark colors attract more insects. If close started flying insects, do not make sudden, fussy movements, not shaking hands.

Important! Do not use perfume, Cologne, hairspray: the aroma attracts stinging insects. Do not walk barefoot, especially where clover grows.published


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