China started the construction of "the Great telescope"

In southwest China in Guizhou province started to build the world's largest radio telescope. When everything is ready, plate, comparable in size to thirty football pitches, will deal with the study of the origin of the Universe and observe the sky in search of signs of extraterrestrial intelligence.

"The great telescope" as it is called, will be located in fairly remote from the cities. The nearest human settlement is from five miles away. The choice of location is made with such a view to be able to achieve a very high level of "radio silence", thus minimizing possible interference.

Diameter reflector telescope FAST (Five hundred meters Aperture Spherical Telescope) is half a kilometer. It will consist of 4540 triangular panels with the parties for 11 meters. When this giant construction is finished (probably next year), it will be the largest radio telescope on the planet. At the moment, that title belongs to telescope, located in Puerto Rican Arecibo Observatory. Its dimensions are 300 meters in diameter. The new telescope will be able to see three times farther telescope in Arecibo.

A huge plate hung on thousands of supporting pillars. The perimeter of the telescope will be 1.6 kilometers. The project cost is 100 million dollars.

Telescope FAST in the representation of the artist

"A radio telescope is like a very sensitive ear, able to capture the white noise of the Universe, even the weakest signals," says Nan Rendon, lead scientist of the project of the radio telescope FAST, working with the National astronomical Observatory at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The new telescope will be able to seek out even the weakest signals and will allow astronomers and scientists of the SETI program to dive deeper into the history of the Universe.

"Having such a sensitive telescope, we can receive very weak and distant radio signals," notes Wu Sinepin, the head of the Chinese society of astronomers."He will help us in the search for intelligent life outside the galaxy and will allow a deeper dive into the study of the origin of the Universe." It is worth noting that the world's largest radio telescope with the reflex mirror is the RATAN-600. Its diameter is 600 meters. The telescope is mounted beneath the village of Zelenchukskaya in Karachay-Cherkessia (Russia) and was opened in 1974. Listed in "the Guinness Book of records". published

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