On the needle clip perception

With the advent of the latest advances in technology we have, under the bright utopian idea, it had to appear more free time. It would seem that now there are no borders, you can make purchases without leaving home, write and to communicate by video with people on the other side of the globe, in real time — all this has become a routine. But the more turns and runs to us for the benefit of, the somehow less time we have to ourselves. The future suddenly has become a familiar present, where modern man is dissolved, without realizing it.

Two million seven hundred sixty two thousand one hundred seventy nine

The infinite information flow waterfall covers us every day. The information should be given in small doses, short news pieces, phrases, vivid images, fragments, that is, the clips on which the person sits as a narcotic needle. To digest, organize, or even realize this thread is becoming increasingly difficult, there is only impersonal to exist in it. Thus is formed a generation of people with klipovoy consciousness.

For modern man it is difficult or impossible to master a voluminous book with flowery language and lengthy descriptions. Much easier to read the condensed version, but it's better just not to read anything, because you can watch and listen to, save mental effort. Read replace now Internet memes with great quotes.

Movie long, mnogoplanovo difficult to perceive. Quite another matter — movies-clones (blockbusters), which are stuffed to the eyeballs with dynamics, explosions, sex, blood natural and meaningful briefness. These films are born as fast as the dying memories of them. Klipovoy consciousness need not imply deep penetration into the essence, does not require a lot of time and effort.

The man with the clip's thinking is not able to analyze, identify causal relationships, his consciousness is woven from unrelated passages. Deep thought process is replaced by visual stimuli, constantly replacing each other, like a remote control switching of television channels. This consciousness prefers bright visual images to deepen in the text.

The information comes from TVs, computers, tablets, phones, billboards, banners and other things. At first glance it seems as if man in all this diversity has freedom of choice, but it is only at first glance. In fact the person becomes the hostage of consumption. The cycle of bright images, forms klipovoy consciousness, and instead of the supposed freedom we get the limitations and poverty of mind.

In recent times, when technological advances have not to subjugate our individuality, children avidly read TWAIN, London, Stevenson, Cooper, drowning in endless oceans of fantasy writers. Then the children's imagination drew pictures of exciting travel adventures. Desperate corsairs, sea dogs, the red Indians came alive in the young minds, causing those minds to move, to think about the characters, empathize with their internal conflict. Now so much information out there, it's so affordable that children do not read at all.

The need of intelligence in deep knowledge, the exercise of imagination, the analysis disappears by itself. Intelligence, woven from a variety of clips, gets tired quickly, it requires a compressed, color information, which (by analogy with the digestive process) is easy to swallow and digest. The soul of man with klipovoy consciousness is not touched by the world's masterpieces of art, as they are too difficult to understand and require extensive knowledge of the history of art. Moreover, in today's digital world, these knowledge are useless, because they do not bring visible benefits.

People with klipovoy consciousness becomes insensitive. Everything happening around is just a short news on TV or the Internet. Today I killed so many people, tomorrow is still much and all this is embedded in the consciousness among the advertising pads, toilet paper, expensive cars. And then we see the news: "the Girl fell from the window in front of passers who passed by, not even stopping to see if she's still alive..." the fact that the drop from the window people perceived klipovoy consciousness as another clip. You can just pass to change the channel.

Klipovoy consciousness requires constant external stimuli, because it can not exist autonomously, it itself eats and hungers all new clip doses. What is this consciousness to be alone in a cubic room, where there is no cell phone, no TV, no computer? Although primordial wisdom States that man is the universe, he himself must not be boring.

Klipovoy consciousness not troubled by ontological questions. It is likely that over time, this consciousness will become the only alternative. To avoid this, you should resist to strain your brain and properly educate children. Reading, live chat, travel, being in nature — all this helps the mind to expand their borders to infinity. Life is to live, not to become one of the fragments of the clip.published 


Author:Sergey Sadovnichiy


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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