Life style coaching. The use of coaching in the child's upbringing

I want to start the topic of raising children with one very important rule that has been known to all:

"Do not educate the child, educate yourself. Still he will like you."

The birth and upbringing of a child is not only joy and happiness, but also a serious work on yourself! After all, to build a healthy, developing relationship with the child is a serious work which will always pay off harmonious development of your child.

In order to form a space for developing harmonious relations with the child is very important to remember the four basics that must be present in your behavior.

Awarenessi you want your child to learn to respect parents and other people, the child should always feel respect for themselves as individuals. What does "respect" of the child? This acceptance of the child as he is, with his advantages, features and disadvantages. Your child, like any human, can make mistakes, and may behave differently! Before you speak, understand the reason for his actions!

Remember how you treat the person you respect. For example, your boss, or a famous coach, or a neighbor who has achieved a lot in life... You would never think bad about this person! You do RESPECT him! So why don't you create a similar relationship to your child? Respect and full acceptance gives you the opportunity to experience your child support and parental love, which is different from other types of love as time awareness and bezozernoye.

Wybrali you want your child to learn to make their own decisions, let him make choices from a very young age. Let the child choose what he would eat for lunch, what to wear on the street, and what game he wants to play right now. Of course, very often it causes some inconvenience for parents, because to walk you need only go from 10 to 12, and there is a need today fish instead of pasta. But ask yourself the question: is more important to you to be right, or that your child is happy and is able in the future to make the right choice?

If you have a child disagreement in some question, try to do a simple technique: sit down together at the table with the hand and a sheet of paper and TOGETHER describe the possible solutions of the issue. Let them be not less than 5 from your side and same with him. Of the 10 options proposed there is one that will satisfy both, without prejudice to your and his interests.

Doverili you want your child to grow up responsible and accountable for the consequences of their choice, trust him as his best friend. Of course, in this case, you do not have to show a bad example of behavior. If your child grows up in a family where promoted proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, why it need to test, what will he do in the evening with friends? If a family has "indicators" of bad behavior, the question is addressed to parents: how you can demand from a child what they do not perform? It is at least honest, and completely ineffective.

Veravera in your child entirely. Never doubt that he will do everything he has planned. Often try to dream with him, to encourage him any undertakings and Hobbies. Never tell him the phrase "don't waste your time on it: it's not interesting, it's poorly paid, it is not profitable, it is..." Because you broadcast your picture of the world (which, by the way, seriously need to work), but the child will listen and drop everything. One of the most important principles of coaching says that FAITH is the most powerful tool which helps him to go forward and overcome difficulties.published

Author: Julia Borovik


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