TOP 5 mistakes of those looking for work

Psychologists advise to change jobs every five years. In practice, however, we are looking for a new place not so much to ensure internal comfort, but because of aspirations for a better life, and therefore more often than once in five years.


If you have visited in the shoes of a candidate, you know the feeling girls of marriageable age. On the one hand, I want to "sell" yourself more, and with another – it is terrifying that no one will take. These two factors lead to the fact that we make a lot of mistakes when looking for work.

Error 1

Exorbitant ambitions

Are you sure prove yourself in a new place as a professional, although your record cannot be considered successful. Here are applying for the post, which is, frankly, not Mature enough, self-confident view lying to the employer about what you know his profession thoroughly. Even if your bluff is successful, there is no guarantee that you will stay in this place for a long time. Think about what is better: to successfully present themselves, but after a month to take off from work, or is it to be objective in evaluating yourself and your abilities.

Error 2

Consent impossible

You are so tired of looking for job and so glad that you took something that is almost not listen to, what kind of work environment you offer. And the next day it turns out that you have to stay in the workplace for twelve hours, no such thing as a lunch break or the timely payment of wages, this company don't exist... as a result – you're already in the second week of work you will seek to escape from this company. And if that doesn't work, hate my job.

Error 3

Ignorance of the labor market

You might be the kinds with vast experience and knowledge, and therefore claim a higher payment. However, there is such an objective thing as the situation on the labour market. And if the specialist of your level "is" a little bit, then you would be unlikely to find a place with a high salary. If you came into the office, where you are offered an unreasonably high fee, that is not a reason to rejoice, and to prick up the ears: probably, here lies the catch. For example, you will have to combine responsibilities of several specialists, or reveal other unpleasant pitfalls.

Error 4

The lack of flexibility

Ignorance of the situation on the labour market leads to another error: you absolutely do not want to be retrained or to learn a new profession. Unfortunately, the demand for specialty changes, and sometimes more often than we would like. If six months ago, the financiers were in demand, today they are not needed. If a year ago, teachers could not find a paying job, but today they have a chance. Try to keep up with the times and do not refuse retraining. This can provide you with a new, promising stage in life.

Error 5

Bad presentation

You can possess a lot of advantages, but if they are not reflected in your resume, or if you're on a job interview missed your chance to show your best side, you may long to find a job. Then small things are important – from basic literacy to the appearance, from the ability to be confident to be polite. By the way, the best way to get a good self-presentation skills is practice. If time permits, take two weeks to visit interviews, not with the aim necessarily to get a job in your company who are attending. You hone your skills and may be able to eliminate the error in self-presentation.published


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