The incredible story of three brothers cheetahs. It's hard to believe!

Photographer Michel Denis-Xayot (Michel Denis-Huot) was lucky enough to do these amazing shots while on Safari in the Masai Mara in Kenya last year.

Three brother Cheetah left his mother for about a year and a half ago. They live and hunt on their own. On this day, they successfully hunted, so was in a good mood, played with each other and were happy with their lives.

Met a group of Impala antelopes, they pursued them. All the antelope managed to escape, the brothers were able to catch only one small Impala.

But what happened next astonished the involuntary spectators.

Just cute cheetahs play with an antelope and ... released her unharmed.Was a poignant moment when one of the brothers began to lick the neck of the antelope. I think he's going to sink their sharp fangs:

Fortunately, the tragedy did not happen. Apparently the Cheetah was indeed full.

The baby Impala are incredibly lucky. Work unwritten law of the animal world: kill only when hungry. published


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