Pet. Big cat.

I recently wrote about hybrids of domestic cats with large relatives of the cat world, designed for home detention. Some people go even further and give birth at home are not hybrids and pure-bred big cats - cheetahs, bobcats, servals. So this is about the selection of such cases.

For the maintenance of the big cats as pets need a big house (apartment, even if it is large, in most cases will not work - you need fresh air), a lot of money for the maintenance of (raw meat, hamsters and rabbits will be devoured with the speed of the conveyor), patience and a lot of time on training, as well as the share of luck (not the fact that the beast will grow tame). It is good fun for the oligarchs.

Ryan Van Niuvenhuizen from South Africa throws at cheetahs to save the species from extinction:

In addition to 4 cheetahs live on her possessions 5 white lions and 2 tigers. All this motley animals, people and 2 dogs in some marvelous way to get on the same territory.

And here you can read an article about the family that lived in the house trot:

Another lynx living together with a man. Beast in general, dangerous and wayward:

From big cats most easily as a domestic cat live servals, bobcats are considered close relatives, but it is much easier to live in human dwellings:

Another video (embed prohibited, so link).

And of course I could not ignore the Pallas' cats. Contrary to the expectations of readers Man'ula not in principle amenable to domestication and harsh in his life as well as on the famous posters, Demotivators. Most kawaii video Manuli, which I was able to find - a small kitten Man'ula the Leningrad Zoo. When manul grows, on the contrary it does not want to be someone stroking:


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