The ten strategies of manipulation through the media

The article American linguist Noam Chomsky published based on the book "silent weapons for quiet wars".Eighty nine million two hundred seventy thousand eighty nine

1. Distraction

The basic element of social control is the strategy of distraction. The goal is to divert public attention from important issues that political and economic elites, using the technology of "floods" or "flooding" continuous distraction and insignificant information.

Strategy distraction important not to give citizens the opportunity to get important knowledge in science, Economics, psychology, neurobiology and Cybernetics. "Constantly distract people from the real social problems, keeping them in captivity issues, with no real value. Society must be busy, busy and busy, it should never think, directly from the field — in a pen with other animals" ("silent weapons for quiet wars").

2. To create a problem — offer a solution

This method is also called "problem-reaction-solution". It creates a problem, a "situation" that has caused some reaction from the public — to the people themselves began to desire her decision. For example, to prevent the growth of violence in cities or to organize bloody terrorist attacks to citizens demanded the adoption of laws on strengthening of security measures and policies that restrict civil liberties. Or initiate economic crisis to accept as a necessary evil restriction of civil rights and the dismantling of public bodies.

3. The strategy of gradualism

To implement unpopular decisions, you just need to apply them gradually, drop by drop, for years. So were imposed fundamentally new socio-economic conditions (neoliberalism) in the 80-ies and 90-ies: limiting the role of the state, privatization, precariousness, flexibility, mass unemployment, wages that already do not provide a decent life. That is, all those changes with simultaneous implementation would cause a revolution.

4. The strategy of postponement

Another way to take unpopular decisions, to present them as "painful and necessary" and to achieve at the moment the consent of citizens for its implementation in the future. It is much easier to accept any sacrifice in the future than in the present. First, because it does not happen immediately. Second, because the people always inclined to Harbor the naive hope that "tomorrow everything will change for the better" and that those victims, who demanded of him, will be avoided. It provides citizens with more time to get used to the idea of change and humbly accept them when the time comes.

5. Baby talk with people

Most advertisements aimed at a broad audience, uses language, arguments, characters, and especially intonation, designed for children. If the viewer is a young child or has mental retardation. The more you want to cheat, infantile should be the tone of communication. Why? "If you appeal to the recipient if he is 12 years old or less, according to the laws of perception is likely that it will respond or react uncritically — as a child" ("silent weapons for quiet wars").

6. More emotion than thought

The use of emotional aspect — is a classical technology for blocking the rational analysis and critical perception of individuals. In addition, the use of emotional factor allows you to open the door to the subconscious to bring back thoughts, desires, fears, concerns, coercion or desired behaviors …

7. To keep people in ignorance and mediocrity

The creation of a dependent society, incapable of understanding the technologies and methods of social control and oppression. "The quality of education provided by the lower social classes must be eposredstvenno poorer and that the gap of ignorance between the lower and higher social classes remained and it was impossible to overcome" ("silent weapons for quiet wars").

8. To encourage the masses to get excited about mediocrity.

To introduce to the masses the idea that it is fashionable to be stupid, vulgar and rude…

9. Promote a sense of guilt

To make individuals believed that they are to blame for their misfortunes and failures due to lack of intelligence, abilities, or efforts. Thus, instead of rebelling against the existing system, individuals feel helpless, engaged in self-blame. This leads to depressive state, effectively helps to curb the actions of man. And without action there is no revolution!

10. Know about people more than they are currently

Over the past 50 years scientific advances have led to rapid growth of the knowledge gap between the main McCoy society and those who belong to the ruling elite or used by them. Thanks to biology, neurobiology and applied psychology, the "system" has enjoyed an advanced knowledge of the human being, physically or psychologically. The "system" are better able to understand the average person than the person knows himself. This means that in most cases, the "system" has more control and more power over individuals, than individuals over themselves.

So, are you still watching TV?

Noam Chomsky is an American linguist, philosopher, and public figure.published 

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