Hainan Xiaohuohua— unusual electric sports car from China

This extraordinary sports car is the brainchild of 27-year-old Chen Yizhi solar Haikou in Hainan province, the first part of the name. "Xiaohuohua" means "Young Flower".

Chen is studying in South China agricultural University, but plans to soon focus fully on the development of the car. He started working on Xiaohuohua at the end of 2014, and spent a total of 30,000 yuan or 4740 dollar on design and construction.

The maximum speed is somewhat disappointing 30 miles per hour; no other features to be announced. But Chen already dreaming of a new version of a more powerful engine.


Hainan Xiaohuohua incredible electric sports car from China, futuristic building, painted in bright red, like a Ferrari.


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