How to be more efficient with calendar

Are you sure the task list on paper or in the app is the best way to do everything you need? This method is imperfect and calendar suitable for this purpose much better. Here are three more good reasons to plan your day in the calendar.


Psychology push notificationsIf you ever tried free-to-play on smartphone, you know how effective can be push notifications. Since the main task of this game is to draw out of you a little money, the developers added special reminders so you often come back to the game and in the end bought any resources or achievements. Notifications will be sent to you each time "you have accumulated enough mana", "have not tested their quarry", "you had two of the dragon". And it works very well, such as the free app collecting mad amounts of money on the sales within the game.

As just noticed in the article The Psychology Of Notifications on TechCrunch, a push notification is working on us the same as a call to a Pavlov dog form a conditioned reflex.

Notifications turning us into a reaction. So when it comes to the next notification, we did not hesitate to react to it in a certain way.

That is why notification matters on the calendar will be a great tool to increase productivity. Scheduling anything with the calendar and setting a reminder time, you create a personal push notification.

The feeling of time constraintsIf you're thinking about productivity and looking for a way to increase it, you probably heard about the Pomodoro technique. In short, this method of time management when you are 25 minutes do one thing and then 5 minutes rest. After four such sessions you arrange yourself a rest for 10 minutes.

There are several reasons why this technique works fine, but in the context of this article, an important one of them, namely a sense of urgency that creates the timer. By placing within sight of the clock and watching the minutes ticking away, you begin to realize how important every moment.

Planning the calendar has a similar effect. When you get the reminder, start working, realizing that you have a very limited amount of time to perform this task. You can do it only now and then comes a reminder about the next task, and you will have to go to its implementation.

You can see the following tasks and understand that they too are important and should be done. It helps you not to postpone things for later and not prolong the time of their execution.

A comprehensive description of the problemthe Main problem of to-do lists is the lack of a comprehensive description of a task, priority and time required for its implementation. Of course, you can specify the time and priority on the sheet next to the task, but no visual reinforcement in the form of notifications, it won't work so well. So you will probably periodically to reflect and look at your to-do list to figure out what to do next.

But if you distribute all tasks on time in the calendar, you will not have such issues. You will never wonder what to do next. One look at the calendar and you all know.

Over the next week try to plan each day in the calendar and put reminders for each task. Don't plan things in mind, because in the calendar it's much clearer. You can see how much time you have and how many tasks you can realistically accomplish.published


Author Iya Zorina


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