10 shocking facts about how to deceive us in stores

Many are not surprised that the markets and small shops, there are cases of underweight and counting. But in large retail chains, dishonest sellers, yet sophisticated make a fool of our brother.

We publish real ways of cheating, shared by former employees of large stores. Eighty eight million eight hundred sixty two thousand four hundred seventy three

Electronics store1. Almost all famous brands, seeing a factory defect of the equipment, withdraw the entire batch from the stores. And after the elimination of defects, return back, but already discounted 30-50%. But some stores sell this under the guise of rejection of a sale, verbally warning that the product cannot be returned.

2.Importantly: the buyer is not entitled to take the defective, item only if the buyer officially warned about the shortcomings, and all defects described in the purchase receipt, a label or in a separate document. To distinguish between "rejection" by the label REF — Refurbished.

Shopping luxury lingerie3. Saleswoman these stores sin is, they buy in the market for cheap underwear and puts them among the branded lingerie for a price lower than listed on other labels, and the customer delighted is snapping up inexpensive "branded" underwear.

Grocery store4. A huge number of sellers recognized that the management of the stores makes them to give expired products a "second life". This is achieved by the following methods: laundering detergents sausage from plaque, perforation with a pin swollen packages with dairy products, etc.

5. If the expired products to sell all else fails, it will be returned to the manufacturer, and there sausages fall into the "trade again" — recycled, mixed with fresh ground beef and once again become "edible".

6. Fruits and vegetables have properties to shrink, so enterprising vendors in advance of their being weighed and Packed in bags.

7. Freezing. Fish, seafood, vegetables, pour water and instantly frozen, and the water sometimes reaches 30 — 40% of the weight of the products.

8. You probably had no idea that frozen fish is often made from spoiled. Because the icy crust is able to hide any visible defects in the product.

9. The sale weight goods often use this trick: for electronic scales ostensibly for hygienic purposes, put the bag. The point is that his edge tape adhered to the body weights on the scale and when something is put, the bag stretches or tightens the cashier. The weight of the product increases.

10. At the checkout you can also cheat, such as to "break" one product multiple times. But if you notice it, the cashier will refer to a glitch in the computer system.published  

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