The canadian students created a refrigerator that runs without electricity

In the United States summed up the results of the contest Biomimicry Global Design Challenge, in which groups of students from different countries had to solve the problem of food storage in those parts of the world where there are difficulties with access to electricity. Defeated a canadian team that developed the refrigerator, taking the chill out of the air.


The intake air picks up the warm wind. The air enters the underground ventilation pipe, which is fed into the vaporization chamber where the tube is placed in liquid. Due to the evaporation of liquid surrounding the pipe, passing through it the air is cooled, after which it enters a cooling chamber where the stored food. His device, the students from the University of calgary, called WindChill. At its creation, they were inspired by how regulate the temperature of some mammals and insects.

"We believe that by imitating nature and creating favorable conditions for life, we might have a project that will change the world for all who need it" — say the creators of the refrigerator.

The contest Biomimicry Global Design Challenge is held annually. The participants task is to solve a certain problem, using the clues that nature provides. The competition is held in two categories. In one considers only the work of students, and the second – everyone. WindChill became the winner in the first category. The second won a project called The Living Filtration System (Living system filtration), which the authors searched for clues from earthworms. published


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