Violet Pansy: the secrets of cultivation and the best varieties

Violet Pansy, viola, Pansy (Viola x wittrockiana) is one of the most popular flower in the world of plants, allowing to grow it as an annual and biennial.
The huge interest in the viola in the southern regions, where it can fill the empty beds in the winter and early spring.

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In the Northern regions and in Central Russia viola are grown as a biennial from seed sown the previous summer. With the 2nd half of June viola seeds are sown in pre-prepared, dressed in loose fertile substrate, ridges or in boxes, providing the seedlings with moderate watering and a temperature of +18 and+20 ° C. the Seedlings should pritenyat from direct sunlight. In the stage of 2 cotyledons, the seedlings are in a dive on the ridge, keeping the distance between plants 5x5cm After the pick, after about 7-10 days the seedlings are being fed for the first time and then every 10 days, alternating mineral fertilizers integrated with organic.

For permanent seedlings planted violets Pansy in late August — early September, keeping the distance between plants 20-15 cm Before planting, make rotted and sifted humus, or compost. Soil mulching with peat layer of 5 cm to retain moisture and shelter in the winter-spring period.

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In the most southern regions of viola are grown as a winter-spring flowering plant with seed sown the previous summer. On the southern shore of the Crimea and the black sea coast of Krasnodar region in the open ground it is planted in late autumn in the year of sowing. Flowering when it lasts from winter to early summer.
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Seed viola are grown as annual from seed sown in early spring in the year of flowering. Modern hybrids in all regions can be grown as annuals, flowering until autumn.

Seeds sown seedlings in February-March. Seedlings emerge 5-7 days. Seedlings in the open ground planted in late April – early may, keeping the distance between plants 20-25 cm To the development of good sturdy plants and long flowering "same genetics" small, need regular watering and feeding. After the pick plants fed with nitrogen fertilizer 1-2 times, and after landing in the open ground – full of complex fertilizers during the summer, every 2 weeks.

Lately in the world market flower crops appeared varieties with large flowers, with a diameter of 12 cm, prolonged (prolonged) blooms and sufficient heat resistance, which allows them to bloom in summer. Now in the Zenith of his fame are colorful hybrid varieties. There are several hundred, though they are still with unsettled taxonomy. In practice, still emit grandiflora (plain and astroarena) and small-flowered varieties. Let's get acquainted with the best of them.


Violet Pansy cultivar ‘Alpensee’

Mysterious variety with large flowers of a deep purple color and darker stain with a Central yellow eye.


Violet Pansy cultivar ‘Bambini’

A cheerful variety that will certainly appeal to children. The flowers are not large; bloom in spring and summer, in a variety of colors, most with contrasting white or yellow petals and a Central "painted" eyelashes – strokes, giving the flowers a nice spontaneity.


Violet Pansy cultivar ‘Cristal F1 Bowl White’ Luxury hybrid F1 from the Cristal Bowl. The flowers are large, with a diameter of 10 cm and more white in the center with a yellow eye, petals wavy edge.


Violet Pansy cultivar ‘Delta Pure Deep Orange’

Beautiful monochrome, fairly compact variety from the Delta Series. Flowers pure orange colour without contrasting spots, strokes. A reliable variety, will not fail under any weather!


Violet Pansy cultivar ‘Firnengold’

Great variety. The flowers are large, diameter greater than 6 cm, Golden yellow with a large dark purple spot in the center.


Violet Pansy cultivar ‘Majestic Giant II Scherry’

A delightful grade! The flowers are large, with a diameter of 10 cm, pink-cherry with a darker centre, sometimes outlined with a yellow border.


Violet Pansy cultivar ‘Maxim Marina’

Gorgeous grade! Violet edge of petal, white rim and a Central dark purple spot with a yellow eye. All items are drawn as if by hatching.


Violet Pansy cultivar ‘Pure White’

A wonderful grade! The flowers are white with a yellow eye – nothing more.


Violet Pansy cultivar ‘Reingold’

Another reltively variety, similar to ‘Firnengold’, but the colour is bright: it is yellow-orange.


Violet Pansy cultivar ‘Skyline Orange’

Nice variety. The flowers are large, with a diameter of 10 cm, orange in the centre dark purple "cilia" spot.


Violet Pansy cultivar ‘Tangenne’

Very nice variety! He's from the Schweizer Reisen. Flowers 5-6 cm in diameter, white with dark purple spot.


Violet Pansy series Universal Series Varieties in this series are characterized by flowers of medium size: diameter up to 6 cm They bloom in winter and spring, and summer in a wide range of colors, including streaked, sometimes with "eyelashes".


Culture Violet Pansy cold-tolerant, moisture-loving, grows in sun and partial shade (flowering is not as effectively), for moist fertile loam. On poor dry sandy soils the flowers become smaller, and in the depressions stagnant water, plants vypivaet. Early spring may "bulge" out of the ground, so planting with peat mulch.


Accommodation in the country Violet Pansy good in a flourishing condition in balcony boxes, garden vases, for borders, in flowerbeds and mixed borders. Growers love her for the fact that it is well tolerated transplant in a flourishing condition. published


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