How and why to restore the memory of their own kind

Ralph Waldo Emerson, famous American philosopher, believed: "Every book is a quotation; and every house is a quotation out of all forests, and mines, and stone quarries; and every man is a quotation from all his ancestors." Yes, these beautiful formulas are often guilty of too high a degree of generalization, however, the analogy is Emerson really helps to understand the nuances of our connection with their own roots. In the books, especially the modern, the number of citations really are great, and often borrowing at the whim of the author not even marked by quotation marks. The reader can easily "slip through" this quote, not see, not comprehend it. Does this mean that the product is unread? Not technically. But did the reader the message inherent in the book its Creator? Perhaps, but it looks like the above-described mixture of disparate words and phrases like picture of a world in which causal relationships are viewed badly or disappear completely. Well, what is there to worry?



More recently, in the Rostov region there was a horrifying story. Elderly spouses who have lived together for almost half a century, on a drunken head decided to deal with the pedigrees of each other. The old lady said that she was of a noble family, and her husband is, like, a normal peasant. A dispute ensued, started the insults, then... well, she's not alive, he is behind bars. A nightmare, over which, as usual, many on the Internet were quick to laugh, do not think only the consequence of a drunken delirium. Banality number one: nature does not like emptiness. Banality number two: if this void will not fill you, it will be filled by itself. Most likely the most available, cheap and primitive. In the case of the empty memory of its own kind of mythology, dreamy idea of the drops of blue blood inside, about the greatness of ancient pagan ancestors-demigods, or simply cynicism and resentment against the world in which you were alone even before his birth.

The real story of the family, unlike her replacement myths usually looks far less pretentious and not so clear. Feats near the betrayals, joy beside quarrels.Rewind the tape memory back one generation, two, five, seven, and I see some reason not like your ancestors deciding the fate of the world or, okay, his possessions, and how easy learned to survive, to love, to do something for their children. And still find this film a lot of dark spots, heavy history, the mistakes that remain unresolved, silenced and moved into your life uninvited inheritance.

Restoring the image, these hidden spots, you understand more and more that the major events in family history were caused not only and not so much the common fate of the people, some common logic of the past, and the ability or inability of the individual at a crucial time to make the hard choice to forgive someone, for somebody to sacrifice your pride, your success or giving up everything.

Quotes from the lives of ancestors I refer to the most common questions: what is valuable and what is not, what is eternal and what is transitory? And the longer you think on these quotes, the more deeply immersed in their context, the more carefully restore the causes and consequences of ancient words and deeds, the fewer the gaps or deletions in the book about you. And the closer the solution becomes known to everyone from school assignment: what did the Author want to say in this book? published

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