The ideology of "Child-free" method of the genocide of the white population

In a democratic society, serious force is speeding up child-free, saying in Russian-"free the children". What is so attractive to the young people this concept is why it is so popular and why did it begin to spread to the Slavic people, let's deal.

"Childfree (eng. childfree — free of children; eng. childless by choice, voluntary childless, voluntarily childless) is a subculture and ideology, characterized by a deliberate failure to have children. The main idea of the childfree — the child abandonment in the name of personal freedom and the promotion of the childless lifestyle".

It is interesting that the founder of this movement is feminist, Margaret Sanger. She is the founder of the "League of birth control", which in 1925 was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, which was later renamed the Family Planning Association.

Two million eight hundred thirty five thousand six hundred eighty seven

Two feminists, Ellen peck and Shirley Radl organized the "National Organization for Nereditsa". The reason they did that was a violation of the rights of childless families. A main argument was:

In the early 70-ies woman of thirty with no children, were perceived as inferior. To justify her childlessness, people believed poor health, sexual orientation, mental illness, alcohol or drug abuse.

Women, although no females have even invented a holiday with the date August 1 – "Day Nereditsa", but publicity was not achieved. Apparently realized that the American society is not yet ready to abandon children. It takes time to brainwashing.

For 20 years it took to nurture a generation that will bite the bait. I changed the approach, if in the 70s about the problem said in the open, in 1992 the distribution was started through the world wide web. As organizer of the community chose the school teacher Leslie Lafayette. But again went with a scratch, but it is whether it was necessary for the instigators of the fraud?

The precedent was set, and move Child-FREE spread themselves like a virus, was infected to many countries, including the former Soviet Union. Moreover, the popularity of this movement is growing. But the methods of promoting this "ideology" we'll talk later.


There are not many, and they are extremely controversial, however, is this enough to people decided for themselves, — "and indeed it is better without the kids"!

  • Chaudhri was a great personality of the past, for example, Nietzsche, Da Vinci, Plato, Copernicus, Newton. Oh, they knew a lot about the children!
  • The child imposes some limitations and problems.
  • Babies require a lot of time and attention.
  • Pregnancy is a terrible way, all of these toxemia, excess weight, mood swings. It might ruin your "happy family".
For a normal person all these arguments will seem like complete idiocy, but we live in an abnormal society full of degenerates.

The only thing we can do is an example to show that the child is happiness, that with proper attention and care the child of a problem becomes a personality to be proud of.


Goal No. 1 — reduction in the birth rate among the white population, the so-called middle class. Well, the working class is no longer needed in such quantity.

Middle class

If a successful person decides to have a baby, there is a strong probability that this child can continue the family business, he baby is born and will also continue the family business, and if intelligent and successful people will be a lot, then the chair under the "powers that be shaken", so they are by all means trying to prevent the emergence of competitors.

Working class

There is even simpler, hands no longer need people be replaced by robots, more and more unemployed, the homeless and the poor who do not consume. Conditions are created that thoughts about childfree had themselves.

The benefits are obvious – reducing the resistance, the more stupid the society is, the easier it is to control, if influential and successful people will be the children,
which will continue their activities sooner or later the modern tops will be in difficulty.


Promotion is in full swing, need ideas already popular broadcast personality, the media, and, of course, Hollywood.

Popular personality

This is the perfect channel of influence that operates. The leaders of opinions, idols and authorities need to cheer spreading ideas to the masses.

George Clooney (actor):
"Even one kid running around in the garden of my Villa, able to make me nervous.»

Cameron Diaz (actress):
"To be honest, we don't need more children. On Earth are already too many people. Although I never say never.»

Kim cattrall (actress):
"I am a woman who had no children and that will never sit still. I like children but for a short time. First, I think they are nice, cute and funny, and then I have a headache.»

Renee Zellweger (actress):
"Motherhood was not for me to. I never considered it seriously.»

Robbie Williams (singer):
"What's the point? I cannot guarantee that my child one day will not hurt, because at a certain stage of life makes you feel miserable. I don't want to see it.»


In promoting the idea of child-FREE was seen:

— women's magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Hello!, Natalie.
— TV channels — First channel.
sites — Woman (the largest women's portal), Facebook (many communities).
— Hollywood

In many movies filmed in the West the relationship of children and parents are strained. Parents don't understand children, and children parents, and this is the norm for Hollywood. You should pay attention to the fact that in many movies, particularly super-heroes, which audience – youth, the main characters don't have children. It's not all propagandists.


Can it be considered a mentally normal person, who offends the mothers, fathers and children? And, moreover, he manifests hatred for them, for example, throwing cigarette butts, cans, bottles of beer, etc., in baby carriages with children? And then, again, reports about his "exploits" on the Internet?

Can it be considered a mentally normal person who devotes his entire life to yourself – "one and only" with no natural urge to fulfill his main mission on Earth is to leave behind something other than, sorry, pile *RAM?

But, Chaudri only one of the options. There are many "controversial" opinions that dominate the minds of people, for example:

  • freedom of choice of occupation (if each generation would start from scratch, to achieve success will be extremely difficult, and generally impossible);
  • drugs, alcohol, tobacco (all the poison that's killing us, the paradox is that for our money);
  • the deterioration of education level (primary purpose – to discourage the desire to learn);
  • the deterioration of living standards and inflation, war, terrorism;
  • the increase in working hours (many work 12 hours a day to earn money, does anyone think that with this chart you can raise a normal child?);
  • consumer way of thinking (not to create, only to use someone else's);
  • a favorite tactic – divide and conquer (in each country the people are divided, they are divided by territorial, religious, ideological, philosophical, political affiliation, and then crushed into small field group of fans of football or martial arts, music, styles, videos and so on. — The more society is divided, the easier to suppress the uprising unhappy, because to gather in large groups of society simply can not), etc.
This is a systematic approach to the destruction of the white population on the planet. Slippery slope on which we are those who have the power, information and resources. published 


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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