On the run

According to Feng Shui the administrator should sleep head to the server.

Lady with the Dog pocket version on the phone from veterinarki:
 - Yes, I Veterinarians, dog leg broken ... like-like ... jumped off the couch ...

I have hair on the ass with anger stir faster than you

After listening to me, my psychologist enlisted to his

Here, nobody cares what you had been up to this: marketer, a bank clerk, an artist ... Dig! This potato

While we sleep - the enemy does not sleep. Sleep more - exhausting the enemy.

Subtleties of Russian borsch overdone - too far from the salt

I do not have alcohol dependence. I have tender affection

Never laugh at the fact that your wife chooses. After all, you - is also her choice

Puffin enthusiastically predicted a storm, and a penguin defiantly kept away from him, all his views saying: "We know these are your weather forecasts!»

He was so unlucky man that when he got an apiary, all turned out to be allergic to bee pollen.

This bald pessimist and the optimist becomes gidrodinamichney.

Boots - is overgrown, strengthened and grizzled men's socks

Good to be easier, because evil always have to think what would have stuff to do.


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