49 out of 50 children may go with strangers! LEARN this manual with the kids!

 Only one of the fifty children not leaving with a stranger in an unknown direction, if lost on the street. These data showed an experiment conducted a Voluntary search group "Lisa Alert". In 2015, the group led a search 481 of the child, 18 children died and 12 are still not found. About what to do to this statistics do not include your child in the meeting at the children's center "Scotia-Fantasy" said volunteers of Voluntary search group "Lisa Alert".

      These recommendations are made for children, taking into account the fact that a child does not have a mobile phone number where he can contact the parents or with the service "112".On the street1)

First of all, if you are lost – minimize movement. Stop when you realized that the parents or accompanying adults are not around.

2) Look

Look around, you can't see any parents.

3) Yell

Feel free to call mom or dad, maybe they'll hear your voice.

4) Approach a police or security guard

If you are in town and there is a police officer or security guard nearby store, shopping center, come and tell me what you lost.


Important: it is Not necessary to go far, if the police or guard is not in sight. If you're in the Mall on the second floor, and the guard was on the ground, don't descend to the first floor.

5) Ask for help from a man with a child

If there are no police or security, the following adult to whom you can ask – the man with the child.


Important: don't go Anywhere with this man. If an adult will offer to take you home or to a mom and dad, firmly say that you will wait for mom and dad where lost. Ask to call them and tell them where to find you.


In transport1) to Reach the nearest station

If you have time to sit in a subway car or train, bus or trolleybus, but parents no, get off at the next stop and stand there.


Important: in the subway in the centre of the nearest station, go to the column SOS and ask for help. You can also approach the police officer or member of staff. Don't go anywhere with the nearest station. If the parents entered the car and left, and you didn't stay on that station, which was. No need to go for parents.

At the cottage in the woods1) Take and ask the parents to take a fully charged mobile phone.

2) Take a whistle, chocolate, a bottle of water.

If you get lost and you will long to call for help, you sit down voice. Easier to use the whistle to make itself felt. Chocolate takes up little space and quickly satisfies hunger, water to clean the wound.


Important: do Not come natural to open bodies of water without an adult.

3) Stay where you are.

4) Look around and ask adults or whistle to whistle.

5) If no one responded, and in sight there is a path, you can enter the path and stand there.



  • Spend with children training in the form of a game, get your friends and relatives to the game "how I would behave if I lost". To explain once is not enough. Volunteers are also recommended to hold one role play where you ask a friend who knows your child, try to take him. Don't be afraid to show your feelings – how scared and upset you were when you saw that he was leaving with a stranger.
Approx. ed. – Immediately after the end of the training for children volunteers and staff of the center held an educational game with children – about half of the children who attended the lecture, during the game, left with unfamiliar adults.

  • Teach your child to tell an adult "no."
  • The child should not leave without your warning and without your permission even with friends family.
  • If you called and said that the child is waiting for you at the nearby shop/metro station/shopping Mall, ask him to stay there and themselves go for a child.
  • Create a password, known only to you and your child.
  • If a child is lost, immediately inform the police. Police have taken a statement about the disappearance of children and adults immediately after their receipt. The waiting period is three days since the disappearance – in the past.
  • Do not let the child into the woods with elderly relatives.
  • If a child is lost in the country, shut down all nearby waterways, connect neighbors.
  • Forbid not the children to sit in social networks, allow them to have one page, which you'll know.
  • The child should do test calls in areas of high risk: "I left the apartment," "I came out of the door". So you will check that with a baby nothing happened in the Elevator.
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