22 gift, which children will keep for life

Loyalty in the family and in relationships. To be faithful to his spouse (wife) is an act of our mind, heart and soul. And the children feel it very subtly.

Today the kids are just drowning in the abundance of toys, games, entertainment. Now there is so much for children that they simply have unrealistic to surprise. But these 22 gift they will remember for a lifetime! Moreover, they will carry with them through life and most likely, will give to their children already.9c7112a449.jpg


1. Belief in their power. The child is very important to know that the most beloved person in the world believes in them. Let the child know that you believe in him, his abilities and opportunities. Just one word able to make the successful baby genius.


2. Love in all its manifestations. Hug, kiss, say words of love always, no matter what! Even if your child is already over 30!

  3. Family dinners. These moments of family togetherness remembered by the children for life. It is a wonderful tradition that brings together, reconciles, inspires and soothes.


4. Joy. Enjoy your life and your child. Do not hesitate to their feelings, laugh with the baby, fool around.




5. A strong and full family. Try to keep a family and a good relationship with its members. For a child the family is the Foundation, the backbone that gives support and helps to go through life.


6. The time. It is the most valuable gift, especially for today's children. Find time for baby every day! Just to stay with him, to cuddle, to play together, to walk or just lie on the bed.


7. Attention. One more thing, which is not always enough children. Kindness. The baby still has time to learn hardness and cruelty. And you show him an example of the genuine kindness and ability to be compassionate.


8. The ability to appreciate. Teach your child to appreciate what he has, but to always strive for more.


9. Interest. Interest in the world is present in every child. Keep, keep it! Try not to kill all sorts: "do Not go, do not bother, suffice to say, how can you ask?"


10. The ability to make decisions. To encourage independence, help to accept the consequences of their actions, set an example of true courage and determination.


11. Frame. Children are extremely hard to live in freedom and have no limitations. They need frames that structure their world. Just don't get carried away with the bans, otherwise it is fraught with disobedience.


12. Freedom. Remember that prohibitions should be the minimum. Let a child choose to make their own decisions, to act and to learn from their mistakes.


13. Praise. It is important for children to feel approved of their actions by parents. It stimulates improvement.


14. Love to be creative. Provide the opportunity to do as much as you like. Encourage creative activity, create the conditions for it. Themselves get carried away and engage with the child. This is a very important skill in the era of Internet and computer technology, which teaches us to see the beauty in everything, to enjoy life, find a way out of unusual situations.


15. Generosity. Show by personal example what generosity to share and teach you how to get pleasure from their own generosity.




16. Spirituality. Teach awareness of the existence of the soul. Well, if they learn to act in accordance with the needs of not only your body but also the soul.


17. True. Be honest with children. So you teach them to be honest. In addition, you will demonstrate to them that you are trustworthy, that you care for them.


18. Hope. Hope will help in the most difficult moments, support and give strength.


19. A love for learning. The love of knowledge and a good grade in school sometimes have absolutely nothing in common. Encourage your child to explore the world, to get involved, learn to get pleasure from the knowledge of the world.


20. Optimism. This is what helps to achieve success and change the world for the better.


21. Sitting on your lap. For a child is the best, most comfortable place in the world!


22. Loyalty in the family and in relationships. To be faithful to his spouse (wife) is an act of our mind, heart and soul. And the children feel it very subtly. published

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