Scientists of MIT have developed ultralight solar panels outstanding to 6 watts per gram of weight

Imagine being so light and flexible solar panels that could be placed on virtually any surface: on your hat, smartphone or piece of paper or even on the bubble. Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) has recently launched thin and light in the world and effective solar panel.


So, if we take into consideration that a typical solar module based on silicon produces up to 15 watts per kilogram of body weight, the ultralight new MIT results showed the effectiveness of 6 watts per gram is approximately 400 times higher. Although scientists say that the commercialization of issue of the battery may take years. However, the product shows a completely new approach to creating solar panels that will help you to move on to the next stage of powering portable electronic devices.


Ultra slim solar panel is created in a single process that integrates the stages of formation of the solar modules on a substrate and coating the finished product with a protective layer. The basis of such a panel is a plastic called steam rooms — available material which is widely used to protect printed circuit boards from environmental influences. As the primary light-absorbing layer is applied to organic material under the name of DBP. The entire process of creating ultra-light micro-panels were held in a vacuum chamber at room temperature without using any harmful solvents, unlike traditional solar panels production, which requires high temperatures and the use of harsh chemicals. The solar panel scientists of MIT have received in the process of "growing" by vapour deposition at room temperature. published


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