The composition of the consumer basket graphically

Consumer basket represents a certain set of goods and services required for the less comfortable full human habitation. More precisely to meet the minimum requirements. In different areas of the sum of the consumer basket - different. For example, in the Sverdlovsk region in the I quarter of 2011, the subsistence minimum was set at 5946 rubles per capita. What is included here: Food - 2295 rubles, non-food products - 890 rubles, services - 2331 rubles, obligatory payments and charges 430 rubles. Officials believe that this is enough, but what do you think?

Fish, frozen, not cleaned - 32 grams

Figure - 10 grams

Vegetable oil - 18 grams

Rye-wheat bread - 188 grams

Cheese - 6 grams

Milk - 337 grams

Sugar - 57 grams


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