How to make a beautiful basket for linen with his own hands

If you find it difficult to find a Laundry basket to go with your bathroom, fit for height and volume, try to make her own hands. This basket can be used not only for clothes but also for storage of clothing, toys, textiles, all large and small things. Let Laundry become a little nicer!

Fifty one million five hundred three thousand nine hundred sixty one

For basket height 55 cm, diameter 31 cm you will need:

  • metal mesh — 110 cm;
  • grey linen or burlap (length) — 102 cm + 34 cm for cover;
  • light the len (length) — 102 cm + 34 cm for cover;
  • cardboard 32 x 32 cm;
  • sewing machine;
  • threads and a needle;
  • clipper;
  • wire;
  • pliers;
  • scissors;
  • the tailor's needle;
  • simple pencil;
  • construction gloves for hand protection.

Elapsed time: 1 h 20 min.

Step 1

With wire cutters preparing a piece of metal mesh of the desired size. The grid will be the basis of our Laundry baskets. To protect your hands from sharp items, at this stage, it is better to wear thick construction gloves. The mesh is stored in a roll and she will make the right round shape.

Seventy four million eight hundred forty two thousand nine hundred seventy three

Step 2

Connecting edge of the grid. For this you need to form an overlap of 2-3 cells and twist them with wire. At this stage we can make use of the pliers.

Twenty two million four hundred eleven thousand seven hundred seventy nine

Step 3

Proceed to sew a cover for the outer part of the basket. I used a piece of coarse gray-brown flax size 62 x 102 cm-Folded it lengthwise, right sides inwards and grind on the machine. You can process the edge of the seam and the upper part of the workpiece in a zigzag pattern to the fabric fell.

Seventy eight million three hundred sixty thousand four hundred

Of fabric of the same color, cut a circle with a diameter of 32 cm.

Three million two hundred sixty three thousand one hundred thirty nine

Fold the edge of the circle and the workpiece of fabric, right sides together and grind on the machine.

Seventy two million three hundred thirteen thousand six hundred ten

It turns out the case which can be easily put on the grid. The top edge should be folded inside the basket.

Fifty eight million one hundred eight thousand nine hundred sixty one

Step 4

Cut from a light linen piece 65 x 102 cm Repeat all the same steps as with the grey linen. Put the finished cover to the Laundry basket inside-out inside. Since the height of the light case more, there is enough fabric to wrap it on the outside of the basket. As a decorative edge, you can use cotton lace, pompons or braid.

Fifty six million eight hundred fifty one thousand seven hundred fifty seven

Step 5

Now start making the cover. Its Foundation can be made of cardboard, thin plastic or thick underlay under the laminate. Cut out a circle with a diameter of 32 cm Cook 2 circles from white fabric, the diameter is equal to a carton blank, plus 2cm for allowances.

Thirty four million two hundred seventy nine thousand five hundred seventy two

Cut from light fabric strip 25 x 10 cm, from where you will sew the handle to the lid. Add up across the face inside, Skive machine, gut-wrenching, and Ironing.

Fifteen million eight hundred seventy three thousand twenty nine

Bend the workpiece as shown in the photo, and otpaivaem iron.

Twenty nine million two hundred fifty nine thousand five hundred eleven

Put pen to circle out of the fabric exactly in the middle and pritachivajut on the machine zigzag stitch.

Folding round blanks to cover the front side and grind exactly half. Gut-wrenching and put a cardboard circle.

Sixteen million two hundred fourteen thousand one hundred twenty six

The remaining part of the patch manually hidden seam.

Basket is ready! If you want you can make it to the writing or drawing with acrylic paints on fabric.

Thirty four million five hundred thirty six thousand seven hundred two

Sixty five million six hundred seven thousand five hundred fifty nine

This basket will help you keep the Laundry beautifully. Happy crafting! published  


Author: Maria Azbel


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