GORGEOUS IDEAS for storage in bathroom

Operation bathroom involves the use of various cosmetics, and many accessories. To usable space gradually turned into a warehouse a variety of bottles, jars, combs, towels and robes, there is a need to address the issue of storage in the bathroom.

Bulky cabinets in this room look ridiculous, much more attractive and sleeker looks a variety of shelves, racks, small cabinets and chests of drawers. Them carefully it is possible to make the necessary cosmetics to spread out towels, etc.

For convenience, you can bring wicker baskets of different sizes. The smallest can accommodate small parts and large, you can store Laundry supplies. Baskets can be placed on the floor and on the shelves, with them, the interior will be more comfortable, and the appearance of the bathroom will be neater, because things won't be scattered and can be accommodated in their places.

You can make a niche with different shelves, adjustable in height depending on the height of different containers. If the bathroom is small, is to arrange useful storage space even under the sink and the bathtub. There can be hidden hygiene items, etc. – something that should be hidden from prying eyes.

If the bathroom is small, it is not necessary to clutter up her closets. Enough wall Cabinet with glass or mirrored doors. In a small room it is not necessary to store a lot of stuff, enough to place the necessary cosmetic and hygiene products. It must be remembered that the small room is poorly ventilated, so storing bath towels and robes in them impractical.



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