10 tricks on how to make a small bathroom visually larger

You have a small bathroom and you are wondering how to increase space without knocking down walls and getting rid of the bath and shower? We have for you a suitable answer. These 10 points details will tell you what to do with things in the bathroom to regain some space where to do it seemed impossible.

1. The easiest and at the same time stylish and useful attribute of bathroom glass shelves. They allow to save space by storing a large number of small items such as toothbrushes, scrubs and shampoos.

2. For storing bathroom supplies such as towels and air freshener, you can use this universal shelf from metal pipes. And to put it over the toilet, not to spend for nothing a place.

3. Foldable Laundry basket is what you need if you have a small bathroom.

4. But this may be enough, and to get another place to store small items, and can be attached to the doors of lockers these are the drawers.

5. Ideal for storage of shampoos and shower gels — here's a niche that you want to schedule to do before the repair in the bathroom.

6. For storage of towels can also come in small hooks, which can hang on the shelves in the bathroom.

7. Why not use the REVERSE side of the door to the bathroom?

8. This stand — very stylish addition to the washbasin. Besides, it perfectly saves space.

9. Slide-out stash — who never even dreamed of?

10. Such as metal plates can be used to store literally any toiletries.



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