Brilliant tips for new and experienced gardeners

That is why we want to share with you some tricks that will make your work area more productive.

1. Damaged bark can heal, tying the trunk with plastic wrap. Its main advantage is that it is highly transparent to sunlight and heat and thus creates favorable conditions for wound healing. With film you can save even in the winter gnawed by hares and mice and, apparently, doomed to die trees.

2. A good Scarecrow for the birds can be shiny (mirror) Christmas decorations – balloons, beads, garlands of glass or foil. Obviously, reflected the sun's rays dazzle the eyes of the birds, so they try to get away from dangerous places. Toys can be hung separately on the stakes (sections of pipe) or sticks attached to the branches of a tree (15-20 cm above the crown). Stakes and tubes to paint in bright colors of red, orange, yellow. In Sunny weather and light wind repellent effect is much higher.



3. Plant near an Apple tree and raspberries so that their branches touch each other. Raspberry protects Apple trees from scab and Apple raspberries – gray mold. On the contrary, Apple and cherry put each other away. The roots of these plants act on each other depressing.

4. Take advantage of the fact that the wild Apple trees blooming early cultivars. Plant in the garden wilding, and as soon as he will blossom weevils and sawflies attack it. Carefully apply on the damaged tree, destroying them.

5. To attract beneficial insects (Trichogramma lays its eggs in the Codling moth) in the gardens of seeded mustard, dill, phacelia, and parsley. Deters butterflies moth smell of tansy, wormwood, and gardeners even tie these plants to the branches of Apple trees. But all the butterflies to destroy one of these methods fails, so 15-20 days after flowering Apple trees being sprayed with the bacterial agents that cause intestinal disease in born tracks – Biloxi-vanillina or dendrobacillin (50-80 g per 10 liters of water).

6. When a lot of work in the garden or yard, hands washed with difficulty, the skin becomes rough. Is there a good way to clean your hands: take a pinch of superphosphate (granulated is better) and wash their hands in cold Noah water. Then rinse them with warm water and soap, rinse thoroughly and DAB with glycerin, vaseline or nourishing hand cream. You can RUB the arms and leaves of the sorrel, and then wash.

7. Dig in the garden along paths deep groove and strictly on the tense cord plug chain necks to each other bottle to half their height. Getbeautiful long-lasting edge. They can be edged and flower bed. You can stick some empty bottles, even at the edges of garden beds in order to during watering hose is not crushed plants. Bottle can take non-conforming, which do not take.

8. Here's what you can do to protect fruit trees from pests. Old tire from a passenger car cut in half in a circle, get 2 rings. Cut them across in one place. Put under the tree, so that the outer side was higher than the soil at 1 cm, and the internal level of the soil. To ring pour plain water: water is an insuperable barrier to all crawling insects, including black ants. There is no need in hunting zones. In addition, it is the best drinker for bees, wasps, small birds. If rings add solutions coniferous concentrate or sage, or burdock, it repels flying insects. The need for the use of poison is eliminated.

9. Sometimes, when the fire wants to burn, firewood doused with kerosene or, even more dangerous with gasoline. But it is worthto icipate on coal or wood a handful of common salt, and the flames will start to flare up.

10. Eggshell – a very valuable fertilizer, containing in addition to lime (calcium), which is known to lower the acidity of the soil, microdamage phosphorus, sulfur, magnesium. Experienced gardeners collect shells, dried and passed through a meat grinder. The smaller the particles, the more efficient their impact on the soil. Store the powder out of the shell should be in paper bags.

11. From the tread from worn tires are good, almost eternal paths in the garden. Need to cut the sidewall of the tires and cut the resulting ring. Don't forget to make a number of incisions two-thirds of the depth from the inside of the tyre so that the tape does not twist. The width and length of the track depends on the size of the tire, they can also be sdoit to increase the width of the track. Tires are good with drawing a diamond from trucks.

12. Paint the fence netting the two together with two sides in contact with the brushes. So the paint consumption is reduced and does not remain not dyed places.

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13. Cords cut from stocking, it is possible to tie up everything that needs to be tied up. And large plants and trees – the whole stocking. Nylon does not rot, SAG – can be used for years.

14. Color cuttings garden tools, especially small tapochek, rake, etc., in bright colors. Preferably oil paint. Then you don't have to run around the area and look for where you forgot a hoe or a shovel. published


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