How to find common ground with a teenager

Perhaps You read the book “5 love languages” — how to Express love in a human readable language. In order to improve any relationship, including the relationship with the teenager, You can try these tips:

1. The first language of love: Take time.

The time spent together very valuable. But only in the case when You have no distractions and You are totally included in the process of interaction with the child. When You're watching him, talking and, of course, accepted unconditionally. Just try to be together, not dictating its rules without asking anything. Very cool to come up with a joint trip somewhere, where it will be interesting to both of You.



2. Second language of love: Say the words of support.

Adolescents are very critical of themselves. Sometimes it is very easy to hurt their self-esteem. Your words of encouragement on the contrary will give strength and will help your child to believe in themselves.Just says “you will succeed”, “I believe in you” or “you're so good.” is able to awaken the child's faith in yourself, and You will help to be a little closer.


3. The third language of love: Just hug.

We all need the tactile feeling of love. But the language of love is perhaps the most difficult in “dealing” with a teenager. Besides, if the child was not used to caresses and hugs. However, You will make a person happier just embracing it.


4. The fourth language of love: Give what is desired.

But I want to caution You: children in orphanages get a lot of gifts from sponsors and other well wishers. It affects them at times is not the best way. So, if You want to make a gift to the child in an orphanage, let it be something simple, while useful and necessary to this child.
So, for example, it may be a good book, a journal on the child's age, a mix CD of your favorite band, Board game. In the case of teenagers in children's homes — it was not enough just manifestations of the other love languages.

5. The fifth love language: Give specific help.

The child will feel Your love, if You will help him in something that is important for him. For example, imagine that the child wants to learn to roller skate, and You just sure can skate. Invite the child for a joint ride, and get him help. Learning something thanks to You or to cope with a difficulty, he will remember this as Your contribution to him for the rest of his life.

Children are incredibly grateful. Like children and they will love You back. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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