Duke Engineering— the axial engine with amazing features

A new Zealand company "Duke Engines" have developed a fundamentally new scheme of work of the engine. If the traditional engines have the cylinders arranged in a straight line, in new engines the cylinders are arranged in a circle, which make reciprocating motion of the pistons.

The pistons are sitting on the usual rods, but the thing about rods is that they are attached to the "spider", which rotates under the action of the pistons, the crankshaft with the flywheel moves in the opposite direction. A working model of the new engine, the company created in one year. New ice began to callaxial.


The axial engine has amazing features, they are unusual to our consciousness, built on the familiar series engine, but for the axial engines they are natural.

1. Axial engine with five-cylinder has three injectors.

2. The new engine has no valves.

3. Intake system fuel mixture and release of the burnt gases is very similar to the one in the two-stroke engine.

4. The engine design has significantly fewer parts, so the axial engine is unusually quiet and vibration almost imperceptible.

5. Axis engine works on all types of gaseous and liquid fuels.

6. Weight and dimensions of the axial engine is much less than the traditional internal combustion engine.

The axial engine is designed for aircraft, but it can replace the conventional engine in all other sectors.

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