5 useful new features for the gardener — find out first!

Gadgets for the garden should be simple, easy to use and to serve one noble purpose – the cultivation of a rich harvest. Or, at least, to inform the owner of the site about what is happening.

1. An automatic watering systemIf you are in the country on short visits or going for a long time, you can not do without sensor control The Orbit digital watering timer.

The sensor will allow you to adjust the intensity of irrigation

Digital timer with automatic adjustment of frequency, intensity and duration of watering allows you to control the "water system" and save liquid. The setting is done manually, the probe interface is very simple and straightforward. The LCD device displays specific settings and the settings remain in the device memory and provide controlled irrigation.

For normal irrigation is sufficient to set the watering start time, its intensity and duration. Well and for the laziest there is a possibility to enable "auto-rain" and then the device will periodically saturate the moisture of your planting. Stock battery should be enough for 4 000 cycles on/off.

2. Glasses where you can see the problem plantsit would Seem, where the "space" technology used in NASA can take in your area? Space Agency not only produces missiles and suits for astronauts, but such commonplace items as glasses.

Glasses Plant Examining Glasses any plant can be seen in the new color

However, these fashionable pink glasses Plant Examining Glasses not the regular one. Their lenses are designed with special materials that block the green light reflected from chlorophyll in healthy turf and force him to look in your eyes black or gray.

Because the human eye is very sensitive to green hues, any color change caused by an excess of moisture, disease or pests immediately noticeable. In the pink glasses from NASA, these changes will appear in red, coral, pale yellow or other colors other than black. This allows you to see problems with the plants before you would do it with the naked eye.

3. Thermostat for greenhousesWe love to create a comfortable environment for yourself, including the heater when we are cold, or running the fan in the heat. And who will take care of the plants, which are also dependent on the ambient temperature?

The thermostat will create a favorable condition for any plants


Fortunately, there is a device that can create optimal conditions for plant growth. Thermostat Heat Mat Thermostat works with heat mats, maintaining a constant soil temperature for best germination. One thermostat works with one heat Mat. The device is connected to the mains, the soil probe is inserted, and then exhibited the desired temperature. The temperature range varies from 20 to 42°C (heat mats are usually designed for a smaller range).

The thermostat housing is made of metal and plastic and is equipped with a led display. Included are two cables to connect to a network and a heat Mat.

4. The sensor monitoring the lack of light and moistureWith these sensors you'll never have to worry about the health of your houseplants. Sensor LiteStik & WaterStik is easily installed in any, even a small pot, and clearly responds to the lack of natural light. In this case, the illumination LED lights up to compensate for the lack of coverage and informing you that plants do not have enough light.

If the plant is something will be missed, the system will warn about it

Led indication on the end of the probe WaterStik will tell you when the soil moisture drops to critical or just will need a light watering. The indicator shines different colors depending on the needs in the moisture.

Sensor WaterStik

5. Email "flower" will generate a report about plants

A small installation of Smart Plant, which is similar to an elongated flower that measures four parameters of the environment: the sunlight intensity, temperature, nutrient levels in the soil and humidity. Leave the sensor at some time in the garden, and then connect it to the computer and using a special program, you will receive a full report on the condition of the plants. This will help you adjust to caring for them and eliminate the problem.

Plant Smart sensor records and stores information about weather in the house

With such helpers you will be able not only to control the growth and development of plants, but also to react to negative changes in the environmental factors. This will save the plants from death and you from unpleasant consequences. published


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