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The easiest way to save water in the shower to turn it off while soaping, but it is necessary to constantly open and close the tap, to maintain optimum water temperature in the shower is not easy, so many do not, and a lot of water leaked absolutely nothing. Today more and more people choose "smart" and eco-friendly ways to save natural resources. One such example is OaSense — shower head automatically stops water flow when you go out from under him.

OaSense, in essence, makes it virtually the same as any modern faucet in a public toilet that uses a motion sensor that tells when to turn on or off the flow of water. The new gadget sets the temperature and pressure of the water and regulates its flow, if at some point the need for the supply of water is missing, you just need to get out of the shower, and OaSense automatically stops the flow. To restore the flow of water, it is necessary to return the device, and OaSense will immediately restore the flow at the same pressure and temperature. Blocks that are made in USA, suitable for standard water pipes (US 1/2" NPT) and is powered by four AA batteries within 1 year, the device is also equipped with a switch that returns the souls to normal operation without automatic mode. Device OaSense created by developer Evan Schneider, who tested more than 15 prototypes in households. Now the project attracts investment through Kickstarter. Fans akogareta can choose from five different colors OaSense, the expected retail price "smart" soul — $ 40. published


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