11 great ideas for garden paths

Closer to summer, more and more people prefer as often as possible to spend time in nature. But in the country, in addition to recreation and barbecue, also a pleasure to deal with landscaping your yard. You can, for example, to make a beautiful garden path.

Today we offer you to look at the 20 wonderful tracks that will surely inspire you to do something similar at his dacha.


2. Another interesting option — the combination of smooth and rough stone. Due to the fact that a smooth surface is a big part of the track, it is nice to walk.

3. Instead of moss between the stones you can plant perennial low-growing flowers. They will fill the gaps between the stones.

4. A "painted" version of the leaves creates the effect of the last just rain. In a hot summer day feeling of freshness is especially important.

5. Opposite to the previous combination of colors, this option will refresh any garden! Bright greens contrast with the bright stone creates a feeling under my feet the steps.

6. Choosing stones of different colors, but roughly the same size, you can show imagination and come up with your own pattern.

7. Interesting and looks neat path, strewn with small, light stones.

8. Looks very original track, slightly recessed in the soft grass of the lawn.

9. Most people lay the sidewalk, not to step on the lawn. But in this case, itself lawn grass is a perfect material for garden paths!

10. Longitudinally laid boards coming for the zigzag paths of the bridge.

11. Install along the track small flashlight (solar batteries, for example). In the afternoon they are almost not noticeable, but after dark, your garden will be transformed! published

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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