How to open a jar of canned food without a can opener

What to do if a jar of canned food, but you don't have a can opener? Do not despair, there are fairly simple ways to open canned food without a can opener.

Here are three of them:



Take a jar and rip it out of the factory label. Even a thin layer of paper will prevent. Place your thumb perpendicular to the seam and make the deflection. Then, take the can with both hands, press down on the chest and squeeze hard. At the bending place the plate will be very thin and break it will not be easy.



Open a tin of canned food you can and just a spoon. It will be enough to wipe the sheet in place Sapa, to push with force, so that the spoon pierced the Bank, and just start cutting the cover. Uncomfortable, of course, but if there's no other way — is fine.


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About stone

The easiest way is to open the jar on the nearest stone. No, we do not advise to beat them in the canned struggling — it could theoretically turn your delicious dinner spread out on the dirty stone porridge. In principle, the technique is similar to that already described above: with power Bank RUB on the sharp stone surface, and after a few minutes, you will see that it got a hole. In the future it can expand anything from plug to the first stick.published


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