What to replace strong language

1. Answering the call, say "Hello", "Yes" has become old-fashioned. There is another right word: "give ear!". If the neologism fright forgotten, can be replaced with the phrase "Who needs me?"made with Mat drama.

2. On unwanted questions, requiring immediate response. type "what's it to you?!"there's a wonderful phrase: "You, sir, what sadness?".

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3. A number of idiomatic expressions like: "fuck" is replaced with the phrase "Painful to hear", spoken with a Shakespearean tragedy.

4. In the course of scientific dispute, argument", I'm roll up the asphalt!"better to replace the phrase: "Darling, do not bother in search of profaning".

5. Often we ask friends and relatives: "Vasya, drove the horn for bread". This is wrong... Ask for a favor is necessary because: "my Friend, let it not be a burden to you..."and further in the text.

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6. If after a number of arguments, it is necessary to reinforce its position strong language, there is a choice of several options:

— "Well, you stinking ugly" should be pronounced as — "Oh, you tricky rascal!»;

— "Sheep for the market respond?!""I reach for your daring arguments and deductions»;

— "You brake rare" "Yes you just rutiner, my dear!»;

— "He realized what he said, moron?"— "Your words, dear, burlesque clean water. As well as you — typesetting of the present."

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7. The widespread expression of delight in the story of the beautiful half: "this is pop (legs, Breasts)!"— translated like this: "Personally, I exalted her invention!". published  


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