How to organize the garden so as to spend less time on processing

Locating culture in the garden, figure out how and what to plant, not to be naked, loves to eat, then to not be killed with the weeding, not to spend too much time on watering. This principle is easily observed in late summer when the plants cover the ground with their powerful leaves. But what about spring? One can not sow too often?

There are proven planting plans that allow you to take all the land and also get from one beds as much as 4 crop.


some examples of such beds:

Cucumbers with dill.

Planted cucumbers in 2 rows, distance between plants And 60 cm between rows and at the edges of the patch do with plane of canovacci and sow dill. Make a dill of a special bed — time loss. It grows well with other cultures and places does not occupy.

Cabbage with radish.

Similarly, planting cabbage: distance — 50 cm between plants and between rows of stitching radish.


The vinaigrette.

Do with plane grooves very close, literally every 10 cm, and sown them in this order: carrot, onion, radish, parsley, onion, radish, carrot, onion, radish, parsley. If the garden bed is about a meter, think of it as 10 rows.

After a month remove the radishes and onions will be larger. Then remove the onion becomes larger carrots and parsley that grow well until late summer. published


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