How to create a closet in a small apartment

In the usual city apartment to provide for built in wardrobes the whole room not space allows. But do not worry, it is possible to equip the pantry or part of the corridor. Most importantly, clearly define the location and think about what are you going to fill it, in order to choose the most convenient filling.

To make sure you chose the right place, draw on floor with chalk line conditional premises. Think, do not be too closely in the construction of a dressing room. Once you decide the location of the dressing room, think of something better to do. Regardless of the size of a dressing room, it must have a door. In this embodiment, when a dressing room is part of the room, the door is better to make an opening along the rail. When a small dressing room, an interesting solution would be to make the mirrored doors.

This way you will visually increase the space in the room. Even if the closet is in the room, it is still inside the structure must be additional lighting. The best option can be ceiling spotlights. Make your hanger dressing room were comfortable and you did not feel uncomfortable in the process, think about all the details regarding the filling. It can be convenient to make the top shelves for things you use rarely. These may be seasonal items or cushions, plaids, quilts.

At the bottom of your wardrobe can accommodate compartments for household appliances (vacuum cleaner, sewing machine). Be sure to complement your dressing room with drawers is very convenient for small things. Place rational shelves for clothes and a rod for coats. Keep in mind, that the height of the rods are allowed to hang long things. At the bottom, scroll to the place under shoes. If the area of your apartment or house highlight under the dressing a whole room, consider that you can get off the shelves clothes and hang things. Next to the dressing room, on the free wall, hang a large mirror. Make them over the lights, and next put the Ottoman to comfortably sit and put on shoes.



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