Where to go in summer: top 12 overseas places under the sun

Summer is the time to shake off the office dust, to make up for the lack of sun in the body and reboot. We have selected 12 places abroad, where it will be interesting to relax in the summer of 2016.


Once is enough to see the summer Georgia to love this country with all my heart. Swimming and sunbathing romantic travel to Batumi, in Kobuleti pine forest or the green Cape Mtsvane konts'khi, off the coast which is good for snorkeling. From their own black sea resorts of Georgia distracts the amazing cave towns of Uplistsikhe and Vardzia, ancient monasteries of Mtskheta, the emerald peaks of Svaneti and sulfur baths in Tbilisi. And of course, the Georgians will not understand if you leave, and not taste real khinkali and local wine.


As for a vacation to travel back to antique times, meet mouflons, to tan to bronze on the beach, dive to the sunken ship and look younger for a couple of years? Go to Cyprus! You eat the oranges right off the tree, drink the Royal wine and make new friends. Especially for that rave Nissi beach in Ayia NAPA. On the shores of Fig tree Bay is a good rest with the children, while the Cape Greko – dive into the Blue lagoon and bask together on the romantic beach of Konnos Bay. And make your love live forever, swim together in the harbour at the rocks of Aphrodite between Paphos and Limassol.


To relax on the beaches of Gudauta, Gagra and Pitsunda and eat lots of juicy apricots, you do not need any visa or passport. From Adler to the Abkhazian border, some 10 km to get comfortable, affordable housing, they say here in Russian, and the food is generous and delicious. In addition to sun and sea baths, are waiting for you paragliding, dive ancient underwater cities and walking in the fantastic nature reserve at lake Ritsa. Be sure to visit the karst caves of New Athos, touch history Kelasuri wall and say Hello to the most famous resident of Abkhazia, a 300-year-old Caucasian Linden in Sukhumi Botanical garden.


To understand what is the feature of life, go to idle tel Aviv to ancient Jaffa. And to find out what its salt – the Dead sea. Divers and kitesurfers have chosen coral beach Hof Almog Red sea active water sports go. Beach holidays in Israel is beyond praise, but at least for a couple of days to get to Jerusalem is a must. If you have time, take in the Bahai gardens in Haifa and take a trip to visit the Druze-to seek wonders in the colorful Bazaar and feast on local pita bread with goat cheese and seetaram.


What do you think of when you imagine an ideal vacation? Breakfast on the balcony overlooking the vast blue sea? About ancient monasteries high in the mountains? On a lush deserted island with Golden sand? Greece will fulfill your dreams. Admire the Athenian Acropolis, who remembers the days before our era, and escape from the problems in the sugar Santorini. RUB your finger in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, to become wiser, and lose head from the scenery of the Bay Navagio on the island of Zakynthos. If you have time still to conquer the picturesque mountains of Meteora, local monks as a reward I'll buy you dessert own cooking.


In Sunny Bulgaria, all at home: no language barriers and there to limit myself. Eat fruits for the future, ride the waves on funny pink mattress and preveleges in the churches of Nessebar and the reserve at Rila lakes. Your job is to wander through ancient ruins, inhale the aromas of the Valley of roses and to eat gentle and fresh covermay replaced chattering, and the more you owe nothing.


What's what, but the ability to choose a place under the sun Lannister from "Game of thrones" will not give up: the role of the capital of Westeros was given to Dubrovnik is easy. But in Croatia to sit in one place, even though it is the Iron throne in king's landing, is a crime. Wander through the Hiking trails at Plitvice lakes, hidden in pine and beech forests. Visit the trakošćan castle, go down into the cave of Vranjaca, choose a favorite from the Islands of the Adriatic and spend the night at the lighthouse. And at parting, a look at the picturesque village of Hrvatsko Zagorje and bring home a wooden toy on the memory of the warm and hearty holiday.


How to relax in Europe without a visa and where cheap to go to the sea abroad? The answer to both questions – Montenegro. Will visit here once you will come back again and again. To sunbathe by the sea on the Golden sand, to break away at the festival, SEA DANCE and dive with a mask of the Lustica Peninsula. To see Skadar lake, palaces and castles of Perast and the rock monastery of Ostrog. To improve health at mud resort of Igalo, to feast on Murakami with hinokami and drink it all the Balkan brandy – brandy. Pictures of summer holiday in Montenegro warm even the coldest winter evenings.


For single visa-free vacation in Morocco and you can swim in the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean. The most popular resorts on the ocean, Agadir and Essaouira: here is a great service, but people abound. To "land on Mars" away from the tourists, head to ocean beach Legzira with a giant red arches from clay. For active guests take on the "Moroccan Hawaii" the coast of the Bay of Dakhla in the South-West of the country. Local surf camps travel jeep tours in the Sahara. If you are traveling with children, you need a quieter stay choose the Mediterranean coast between Tangier and El-Hasami. There are sandy beaches comfortably hidden in greenery and the gentle waves warmer than the ocean.

  The Maldives

In the Maldives you need to visit at least once in your life. Surfers to ride the perfect wave. The divers to dive to giant sea turtles, Moray eels cernosek and bizarre corals. Love – to spend the sweetest honeymoon in life. Fans set new records – to cross the equator at the Addu Atoll. And fans of curiosities – to stay in the underwater hotel and instead of coffee in the morning, drinking cocktails straight from a coconut.

  South Korea

Beautiful beaches in South Korea rife. At the Haeundae beach in Busan, like to relax with – desert it not happen, but it has everything you need: beds, equipment for water sports, cafes and even free Wi-Fi. On gwangalli beach is less people and the sea is cleaner – good place to meet the sunset with a bottle of soju. For a real exotic go to Mandarin island of Jeju. Here everywhere you look -- Paradise landscapes but miss the beach Samyang with healing black sand is especially annoying.

  Sri Lanka

Find a Sunny beach in Sri Lanka at any time of the year, and summer is no exception. Going bronze time and while wandering through the emerald fields or admire Adam's Peak and Sigiriya rock fortress-the "Lion mountain" with the Royal Palace of Kaśyapa. In addition to an enviable tan, bring gigabytes of pictures with monkeys, elephants, leopards and huge colorful butterflies, and more – curated collection of the real Ceylon tea.published


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