Second life of plastic bottles in the home garden

Many of us, environmental consciousness is developed so that to throw away a plastic bottle does not raise a hand. Besides, it's really a waif. But dig in bottles around the flower beds to make a "border" or make them "palm tree" is also not desirable. We offer you five ready-made solutions to reuse plastic bottles in your garden that seem to us to be successful.

1. Sobiralsa fruit

This is one of the "smart projects". The tool is made of a half - or two-liter bottles and long sticks. It can be used to collect hard-to-reach apples on top of a tree.

2. Drip irrigation for strawberries

Saving space in the garden, many trying to grow strawberries in these high-rise towers of the pots in which holes for plants.


The device will be more effective if not just fill the pots with earth, and place inside a plastic bottle with the bottom cut off, loose cap which awl to make a hole for watering. The same hole doing what is in the bottle, along the entire length. Thus, the water will wet the soil slowly and evenly.

The bottle should be the same height as the pot. Attention! This bottle tank is to be placed only in the upper layer of the vertical strawberry beds.

3. The heat storage for greenhouses

Water in a dark plastic bottle is perfectly warmed in the spring sunshine, and at night when the temperature is much reduced, gives up its heat to the plants. Plastic bottles with a hot day by the water when the threat of frost lay on the edges of the greenhouse.

4. Autodrinking for chickens

Practicing "remote farming" chickens in the country, when it is possible to come to birds on a weekend, the poultry farmers use appliances.

5. Vertical garden

Ordinary plastic bottles can be containers for plants vertical garden. Wall patio Brasilia, to which are attached hundreds of plastic bottles with plants. The project was done by professional designers, and it was a real work of art, but I think that it is not necessary to have artistic abilities in order to repeat it. The most difficult thing here is to cut the bottle, then to put them in the seedlings.



P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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